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Artists with disabilities gear up for exhibition |04 December 2020

Artists with disabilities gear up for exhibition

The workshop participants proudly pose with their work (Photo: Thomas Meriton)

On Wednesday the right side of the Deepam building was colourfully littered with art work of various tropical themes and sizes, done by a group of persons with disabilities in a painting workshop at the Computing and Additional learning office.

Wilton Constance was the facilitator of the workshop, focusing on painting which is one of the many artisanal skills he teaches them.

He said that he tries his best to teach the students as many aspects of art as possible while also using recyclable materials.

This activity has been made possible thanks to the Citizens Engagement Platform Seychelles (Ceps) programme which enables them to develop their skills and to navigate their way through the world of work despite their disabilities.

A grant received by the Love and Care Association earlier this year also contributed to the success of this activity.

Speaking to Seychelles NATION Mr Constance expressed his passion for teaching persons with disabilities.

“It is very challenging and requires twice as much effort and patience but is extremely rewarding. I hope that some of my students will be able to teach others what they have learned during the workshop,” he said.

The paintings and all their work throughout this year, despite setbacks caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, will be showcased in an exhibition at the end of the year and after that will be sold.

Mr Constance has urged parents of persons with disabilities to support and encourage them to participate in such fruitful activities so that they may develop useful skills.

He encouraged parents and the public in general to help these people unlock their potential.

Antoine Asba, one of the participants, proudly said that he is now advanced enough in his painting skills to help Sir Wilton assist the others in the workshop.

Mr Constance, who teaches various artisanal skills and can interact and communicate with all groups of people, can be contacted on 2587007 to share his expertise.


Iza Amade

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