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MCB call for projects |30 November 2020

MCB call for projects

Anse Royale secondary beneficiary of complete music band set worth R101,000


Twice a year, the Mauritius Commercial Bank Seychelles invites organisations holding a valid corporate social responsibility (CSR) certi­ficate to submit proposals for its ‘Call for Projects’.

Anse Royale secondary was successful in getting the donation of a complete music band worth R101,000 and it has also launched the AROS musical band.

It was also the celebration of a one year partnership with Grace Club as an NGO under the leadership of Simon Dingwall.

This special event was attended by the Minister for Education Justin Valentin and the Minister for Local Government Rose-Marie Hoareau.

Once the students received the musical set, they were being trained by Grace Club.

On Saturday the AROS musical band made a confident performance in front of a selected audience.

All those present were pleasantly surprised by such talents and commended the school for such a project.

Anse Royale secondary school is trying its utmost to decentralise activities. Instead of students having to travel to town to participate in various activities, like music, swimming; and so forth, they are on a venture to have all these extracurricular activities in their region.

The managing director of MCB, Bernard Jackson, explained that “In order to benefit from this ‘Call for projects’, the projects should be in the following domains: Preserving our natural habitat; Fostering a healthy lifestyle; Promoting arts & culture and Educational initiatives supporting the aforementioned objectives. Anse Royale secondary submitted the project last year and we rarely receive this kind of request. The good thing about the project was the educational aspect attached to it. We analysed the project and Minister Hoareau, who was then PR manager for MCB, was involved in that process. We bought professional equipment for the band but at the same time we had to make sure they have a safe and secure room to keep the equipment. Once this was finalised we sourced the instruments from the local market.”

The principal of the school, Bergitta Labonte, said: “We have indeed taken a long time before having the official handover ceremony today. The delay was worth it! We wanted to show MCB the fruits of the generous investment in the students of Anse Royale secondary. In our quest to bring about change and to ensure the holistic development of all of our children, we are thankful to have added music to our list.”

She added that through Grace Club, “we have seen your commitment to the school and the students. It is indeed an apt opportunity to thank you for your passion and endless devotion to inspire and motivate our students. In fact Mr Dingwall has been and is a key asset to the success of the AROS music band. As you witness the talents and skills of our students, we will be appreciating the fruits of the “encadrement” work of Mr Dingwall. Together with your backing Mr Dingwall, we hope to pursue the journey as we have even greater plans for the school as from 2021, of course God willing!”

Ms Labonte also thanked other sponsors namely Ramani Pillay and the MNA for Anse Royale Sylvanne Lemiel who contribute towards the good functioning of the school.

The accompanying photos show some highlights of Saturday’s ceremony.


Vidya Gappy

Photos: Ministry of Education




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