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Ras Ricky live in concert tomorrow |27 November 2020

Ras Ricky live in concert tomorrow

Ras Ricky flanked by Jahkim and Natasha during the press conference (Photo: Jude Morel)

Local reggae singer Ras Ricky will be performing in his first major live concert for the year tomorrow at the International Conference Centre under the theme ‘Practice kindness’.

The artist who just released his latest album, Baskile, will be joined on stage by Jahkim and six other performers to put on a show that is aimed at making their fans forget about the worries of Covid-19 and embrace the message practice kindness.

To give details about the upcoming concert, Ras Ricky organised a press conference last Friday at the Marie Antoinette Restaurant where he was joined by Jahkim and Natasha Mein who will be making her debut on stage that night.

“Our music has always represented love, unity and peace and I feel like the time we live in now those messages ring more truly,” said Jahkim.

Sticking to the guidelines set by the Ministry of Health, seats for the concert have been limited to only 275 people. Attendees will also be required to wear masks, fill in their contact information at the door as well as take the regular temperature check.

“We are asking all our fans and friends to respect the health protocols as we are still living in a pandemic. It is important that you all wear your mask and respect the seating arrangement,” said Ras Ricky.

When asked about why he is organising a concert during a time where we are not only living with a pandemic but also economic instability, Ras Ricky answered: “We understand that we are going through a pandemic, but artists still have to perform as some of us do not benefit from the FA4JR plan.”

He added that in many other countries that are worse off than Seychelles, their entertainment industry is still thriving.

He continued by saying that even if we are living in the new normal music is still a big part of our culture and we should not limit artists.

The concert will start at 7pm and will be animated by Timing band.


Christophe Zialor

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