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New book aims to educate students on the Blue economy |29 October 2020

New book aims to educate students on the Blue economy

PS De Commarmond (left) and Ms Pouponneau look on as Ms Duval autographs a copy of her book (Photo: Jude Morel)

A new work book aimed at educating students on the importance of the Blue economy has been launched.

Written by history teacher Nathalie Duval, the book is titled ‘Blue Economy and Me’ and was funded through a R100,000 grant given by SEYCATT under its blue grant.

The launch ceremony took place on Tuesday afternoon at the Site auditorium and was attended by the principal secretary for early childhood, primary and secondary education Dr Odile De Commarmond, students and invited guests.

Ms Duval, who teaches at Beau Vallon secondary school, said that through the advice of her mother she attended the SEYCATT workshop and came up with a project plan which was her book.

She continued by saying that the journey to complete her project took one year and was a very challenging experience but it was worth every single moment.

“The aim of the workbook is to lay the foundation for the topic of Blue economy in the national curriculum. It is important that students learn about the importance and the potential that our vast ocean contains,” said the author.

Ms Duval added that the fisheries industry is one of our main economic pillars hence it is important that students learn how they can contribute to its sustainable development.

The work book contains seven chapters which focus on introduction of the Blue economy, marine ecosystems, small island developing states, fisheries industry, aquaculture, SEYCATT funded projects and blue lifestyle and career opportunities.

“The workbook has been designed to be interactive and engaging for students. The activities have also been designed to meet the various learning abilities hence no student is expected to be left out,” she noted.

In addition an email account has also been created for students to submit their work which will be shared on the book’s Facebook page.

“This will be a chance to monitor the effectiveness of the book as well as to display students' creative work,” said Ms Duval.

Angélique Pouponneau, the chief executive of SEYCATT, noted that the investment the organisation made in Ms Duval’s work is an investment in youth.

“SEYCATT had now invested R8 million in youth-led initiatives and Nathalie Duval’s project is just one example,” said Ms Pouponneau.

She continued by saying that she hopes the students who use this book will broaden their knowledge about the many opportunities that the ocean presents as well as the many challenges that it faces.

PS De Commarmond, who officially launched the book, said that if we want the Blue economy to take centre stage in the development of our country there is a need to intensify this area among the youth of Seychelles.

“Although the ministry of education has integrated the Blue economy in its national curriculum, there is a need to strengthen this particularly in the geography curriculum,” she said, adding “this handbook will be instrumental in educating secondary schools students in the various aspects of the Blue economy especially in the fisheries industry”.

She added that the area of fisheries is becoming a key area in our country’s economy so the book has come at an opportune time in educating our youths and promoting fisheries.

One hundred and fifty (150) copies of the book have been published so far and each secondary school in Seychelles will receive 10 copies.

Ms Duval has noted that if the Ministry of Education wishes to print more copies there will be no objections from her.


Christophe Zialor

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