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Parents attend parenting class |29 October 2020

Parents attend parenting class

The group of parents in a souvenir photograph after they had been presented with their certificate (Photo: CZ)

A group of seven parents took part in a four-month parenting session organised by the Association for the Promotion of Solid Humane Family at the Anse Boileau secondary school.

The association targeted students with behavioural issues and met with their parents in the hopes of getting to the root of these issues and try to solve them.

These sessions were conducted by Rosy Denis, chief executive of the Association for the Promotion of Solid Humane Family (APSHF) and Sheila Pool, the deputy chief executive.

During the sessions the parents talked about parenting issues such as communication between their child, how to discipline them, supporting their school work, living together more harmoniously and their responsibilities as parents.

“No parent is perfect and through these sessions they were able to learn new parenting skills so they can have a better relationship with their child,” said Mrs Pool.

She added that they also covered budgeting as many parents are not able to prepare one.

To recognise the efforts that the parents made during the past four months, a certificate presentation ceremony was organised yesterday at the Anse Boileau secondary school in the presence of students, parents and teachers.

During the ceremony the head teacher of the school, Gina Labiche, said that 20 parents were chosen to take part in the sessions but most could not make it, however the school will organise other sessions in the future.

On her part, Mrs Denis thanked them for attending the sessions and she also expressed gratitude towards the head teacher for helping with the project.

Jerris Hoaureau, a single father and the only dad who attended the parenting session, said “since we started this parenting session I have learned so many new things that I didn’t know”.

He added that he learned more about the values needed when you’re a parent and the values and rights of children.

Wallis Michaud, another parent who attended the class, said “it was very enriching” and echoed the same thoughts as Mr Hoareau.

“I’ve learned better communication skills with my children and I appreciate the project as it was nourishing for me as a parent.”


Christophe Zialor

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