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Seychellois artist unites with peers in intercontinental online art exhibition |23 October 2020

Seychellois artist unites with peers in intercontinental online art exhibition

George Camille’s ‘A Stolen Kiss’, 2020, embossed paper with watercolour

Seychellois artist George Camille is among 216 artists from 193 countries of six continents taking part in a groundbreaking online art exhibition.

The recently launched online art exhibition, entitled ‘UNITED NATIONS - symbol of life, freedom & happiness’ is an event dedicated to the 75th Anniversary of the United Nations.

Initiated and organised by the ‘Inter-Art’ Foundation from Romania, this project represents a world premiere since, for the first time in history, artists from all the 193 member States of the United Nations are gathered together in one unique and dedicated art exhibition.

This unique event pays a special tribute to the United Nations Anniversary, wishing to prove that through art we can create a better world – one of freedom and coexistence, of cooperation and understanding, and of unity between people, nations and cultures.

Each State is represented by one single artist chosen with great care. For the initiating country – Romania – 24 artists were selected from a multi-ethnic spectrum, which brings a total of 216 artists from 193 countries of six continents participating in this project.

Seychellois George Camille’s invitation to represent Seychelles in this exhibition came after George’s participation at the 58th Venice biennale where he was selected to represent Seychelles with an installation entitled, ‘Drift’. George has brought prominence to the culture and art scene of Seychelles through the many exhibitions he has staged internationally.

For the United Nations exhibition, all invited artists were asked to work on a standard small format artwork. George worked on an embossed painting entitled, ‘A Stolen Kiss’. This work aims to highlight the issues of freedom to choose who we love.

“In one’s life and for one’s happiness, it is important to have the choice to decide who one chooses to love and sadly the world is still not willing to grant this basic human right to all its citizens,” says George.

Stefan Balog, the project initiator and curator, commented: “A beautiful dream becomes reality with this project, unique in its own way. An achievement that fully defines the concept to unite all the nations of the world through art.”

The event is being held under the High Patronage of H.E. Klaus Werner Iohannis, President of Romania and it is supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Romania and the Romanian Cultural Institute.

A physical exhibition is expected to be organised at the UN headquarters in NewYork in September, 2021.

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