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Teachers mark their day in a special way under the ‘new normal’ |17 October 2020

Teachers mark their day in a special way under the ‘new normal’

Teachers in Seychelles this year celebrated 30 years since their profession started to be recognised nationally but with the strict public health measures in place because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

No glamorous ceremonies were organised but still they were recognised and honoured in a special way under the new normal.

It was on October 5, 1994 that the Unesco first celebrated World Teachers’ Day also known as International Teachers’ Day.

In Seychelles, since 1990 Teachers’ Day has been celebrated when the first Special Teachers’ Promotion week was organised from July 30 to August 4.

Thirty years on, unfortunately with the strict Covid-19 preventive measures in place, teachers could not celebrate their day to the fullest with pomp and ceremony as has been the case over the years.

On October 5, Teachers’ Day, in a message to the teachers, President Danny Faure saluted the courage and resilience of teachers whom he said in a time of crisis have remained committed and connected with their students.

President Faure told the teachers that even though celebrations to mark their day are different this year, they should take time to reflect on what truly matters.

The 30th Teachers’ Day kicked off with a thanksgiving service at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception on Sunday October 4 and it was attended by teachers as well as key officials from the education department.

During the service Marie-Lise Marcel, a teacher, shared her 40-year journey in the teaching profession with the audience.

On October 5, Teachers’ Day itself, a group of long serving teachers were recognised and rewarded. Daniella Joubert received a cash prize and a trophy from the education department for her 45 years of service as a teacher.

Twenty-five teachers were rewarded for their 25 years in the teaching profession while 21 other teachers who will be retiring at the end of the year were also recognised and rewarded.

Other activities on this year’s programme included a blood donation camp where altogether a group of 25 teachers from different schools turned up at the Blood Transfusion Unit to make what was described as “a much needed blood donation”.

A forum under the theme ‘Lansennyman eski i pour mwan’ brought together at the SITE auditorium a group of trainee teachers as well as secondary students aspiring to join the profession. The group shared opinions on different challenges and benefits of the teaching profession. A group of seasoned teachers also joined them to share their experience and advice.

Another forum whereby a first group of teachers, 18 of them who are following a Masters Leadership programme at the University of Seychelles, shared a synopsis of their research proposals on how to improve the education system in Seychelles to their colleagues and other guests.

The forum was a partnership between the UniSey and Plaisance primary school supported by the Ministry of education and Human Resource Development.

Furthermore to thank their teachers and show appreciation for their devotion each school planted a sapling in their school grounds at 10am on Friday October 9.

Teachers were also honoured and remembered for their dedication and love for their profession through poems by different organisations as well as former and present students.

The accompanying photos show some highlights of this year’s Teachers’ Day celebrations.


Compiled by M-A.L.

Photos by: Jude Morel/Louis Toussaint/Thomas Meriton/Romano Laurence

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