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UniSey-MEHRD partnership |09 October 2020

UniSey-MEHRD partnership

Souvenir photographs of the forum’s participants (Photos: Thomas Meriton)

First cohort of the Masters Leadership programme share synopsis of their research


The University of Seychelles, in partnership with Plaisance primary school, organised a Teachers’ Week Research Forum yesterday at Plaisance primary school for the first cohort of teachers who are undertaking a Masters Leadership programme.

The first cohort, comprising 18 students, on the Masters Leadership programme shared the synopsis of their research proposals to their other colleagues and guests.

“This is a very important event for us at the UniSey as we are here to help the community grow and be better. We are very happy when the Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development (MEHRD) accepted and asked to partner with them to offer this Masters in Educational Leadership. I believe that the MEHR had a plan to help the schools be more autonomous and help the leaders be more autonomous. Even if it is very hectic for the students who are at the same time teachers, mothers and students, I am very happy to see the result. This forum is for you to share your research proposal and this is a very important part of your studies, because this holds the most credit in this Masters and we have trust in you to produce some wonderful work,” conveyed Joëlle Perreau, Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Social Department at the UniSey.

She also noted that they are eager to see the proposals of the teachers to improve the education system in Seychelles.

Dr Indra Persaud from UniSey explained that “the Masters was a joint project with the University of Mauritius. UoM got the programme from the Commonwealth of Learning and it was online so that we can follow it from Seychelles. We have adapted the programme to suit our local island’s needs. All the participants were following the programme for the last two years and it has been an interesting journey. Many new concepts were explored and now the students will see how to implement these concepts in the education system.”

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”. These are the words of late President Nelson Mandela. So it is an honour for Plaisance primary school to partner with the UniSey to host this auspicious occasion: ‘The Teacher's Week Research Forum’. Moreover, I wish to extend my deep appreciation to the MERHD for supporting the efforts to further develop the school leadership by providing us with the opportunity to be enrolled on the Masters programme,” noted Thérèse Athanase, Plaisance primary head teacher.

Cyril Pillay, the representative from the MEHRD, gave a brief history of the last batch of educators who completed their Masters Degree in Education and “today we have the University at the school and we would like to see more of that. It is refreshing to see the number of people who came forward to present their proposals for research. We at the MERHD support this and we will continue to support UniSey in these endeavours. The ultimate of this programme is to improve the learning outcome.”

Some of the topics presented by the students were: The extent to which teachers' Pedagogical Content Knowledge impacts students achievement in Mathematics;

Evaluating the understanding and application of the Competency based Approach in Mathematics at Takamaka primary school;

Investigating factors that cause students at Bel Eau primary school to underperform in mathematics;

The use of Learning Styles in teaching to improve students' attainment: Investigating a Primary School in Seychelles;

The impact of E-Book Reading on pupils' performance and attitude to reading in Seychelles' primary schools;

Factors that affect academic performance: The Qualities of Teachers and how these impact student academic performance In Key Stage 3 National Examinations;

Does Family Involvement in a Child's Learning have an Impact on Student's Academic Performance at Plaisance primary school?;

Investigating the extent to which the Inclusive Education Policy is implemented in Primary State Schools in Seychelles;

Importance of Parental Involvement in Students' Academic Learning;

The effect of Personalized Communication on Parental Participation in School Organised Activities: A Case Study of the School For The Exceptional Child;

The Impact of Parental Engagement in Academic Achievement: A Case Study of the Picault primary school;
Approaches to boosting the motivation of Primary Teachers so as to retain them in the profession and improve Pupils' Learning;

The Impact of Leadership Training on Teaching and Learning in Primary Schools of Zone One of the Seychelles;

Teachers at Plaisance secondary school often complain that students lack motivation, and this impacts results. To what extent is this true?;

A Case Study of the use of ICT in Teachers’ Instructional Practices in Seychelles secondary schools;

Teachers' Attitude towards the Implementation of inclusive Education in Secondary Schools in Seychelles;

Factors influencing the Underrepresentation of Men in the Teaching Profession in Seychelles and what possible actions can be undertaken to reverse this trend;

The causes of Low Self-Esteem in Seychelles Tourism Academy students and possible measures to improve Low Self-Esteem.


Vidya Gappy

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