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Jade Jolene records new single |10 August 2020

Jade Jolene records new single

Jade Jolene has just finished recording a traditional moutya and it’s a breath of fresh air, modernised to fit 2020.

With her new single ‘En Nouvo Zour’ (Tilanmbwe i Ale), the young Seychellois singer (17) continues to do what she does best: turning the old into something new, modernised while still keeping the essence of the original song.

The song has a strong message of work ethics and care for the family and the loved ones, a topic which we will further elaborate in an upcoming video clip.

Jade Jolene is a young promising artist who has already achieved quite some extraordinary successes. At the age of 13, she sang in Italy at the World Finals of Sanremo Junior singing competition accompanied by a 36-piece orchestra. This was a big televised show in Italy and other European countries, where she achieved a Special Mention award.

At 14 years of age, she won an international centennial Literature award in Jamaica for her environmental conscious short story and at 15 she had a local hit with her version on ‘Hit the Road Jack’ with includes Kreol verses.

She is at home on a big stage and is super professional in her performances (e.g. Regatta 2018 & 2019 or special guest at the President’s Christmas Carol show and many other prestigious events).

Besides that, the classically trained singer finished IGCSE as the top achiever with 5 A* and 5 ‘A’s, and she is an exemplary role model.

Please feel free to check her out on Instagram: jadejolene_seychelles website:

En Nouvo Zour (Tilanmbwe i ale) by: Traditional, Jany De Letourdie & Jade Jolene



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