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Chat with Dr Sasikumar Subramanian, senior dental surgeon |27 July 2020

Chat with Dr Sasikumar Subramanian, senior dental surgeon

Dr Sasikumar doing community service

‘My wish is to see a Lion district governor from Seychelles at international level’


Dr Sasikumar Subramanian is a senior dental surgeon working for the department of health since the year 2005. A senior member of the Lions Club, recently he was awarded the outstanding zonal chairperson for Seychelles under the Lions Club district 411A which comprises Seychelles, Kenya and Ethiopia.

Seychelles NATION caught up with him for a chat on the side-lines of the awards ceremony held recently. During the same ceremony, Dr Sasikumar was awarded other prizes which include the Best president award and Best appreciation award from the international president of the club, Lion Naresh Agarwal and from the district governor Ann Chubi for the year 2017-2018.

During his presidency, he also received outstanding awards for realising different projects like bus shelters, diabetes and medical camps. He also followed further leadership courses in lionism at the Advance Lions Leadership Institute (ALLI) and Regional Lions Leadership Institute (RLLI). On top of that he attended the Africa forum, cabinet meetings and leadership training, district conventions to broaden his knowledge on Lions’ laws, policies and procedures.

The District 411A which the Lions Club of Seychelles represents has recognised his leadership qualities and appointed him as the zonal chairperson for region E and zone 10. He completed his mandate on June 30, 2020.


Seychelles NATION: What has been your involvement with the Lions club?

Dr Sasikumar: The passion for community service and assisting the needy ones as per my profession triggered me to join the Lions Club of Paradise since 2006 which then transformed to Lions Club of Seychelles (LCS) under the banner of Lions International. Ever since I joined the LCS, I worked in various positions in the club as membership director, vice-president, programme coordinator for various projects like diabetes, vision, and environment. I was eventually honoured as president of LCS in the year 2017-2018.


Seychelles NATION: You were recently awarded with the title outstanding zonal chairperson for Seychelles. What does this mean for you and Seychelles?

Dr Sasikumar: I was very happy to receive the award for the Seychelles Lions for the third consecutive time. This is a great inspiration and achievement for all Seychelles Lions. Being a small island state, the service that has been delivered by the Lions of Seychelles has reached the community to a greater depth which was recognised by the district and international lions.


Seychelles NATION: What is the aim of the Lions Club for Seychelles?

Dr Sasikumar: The major goal of the Lions of Seychelles is WE SERVE, SERVE FOR A BRIGHTER FUTURE that is service to the community based on the international goals such as diabetes, vision, environment, childhood cancer, hunger, and youth. The Lions of Seychelles have strived and will continue to strive to reach each and every corner to assist the needy and vulnerable persons to bring a smile on their faces.


Seychelles NATION: What are the major projects accomplished during your mandate as zone chair?

Dr Sasikumar: As the zonal chair, the four clubs which were under my responsibility excelled in projects related to environment (Clean up the world campaign, wet land sign boards, school garden projects, littering awareness), vision (eye camp, assistance of glasses for the needy ones, collection of used glasses), diabetes (diabetic awareness training, diabetic camp), hunger (donation of food items to elderly homes, donation of food and other utensils to the elderly), youth (drug abuse awareness programme, donation of household items required to youth homes). Other achievements were related to literacy, autism projects, nationwide kidney screening camps and many more like cancer awareness programmes in partnership with other organisations, blood donation camp, building bus shelters, and ocean marine projects for a better ecosystem.


Seychelles NATION: Can you please explain to us the structure of Lions Club?

Dr Sasikumar: The Lions club falls under the district 411A which comprises Seychelles, Kenya and Ethiopia. There’s a district governor for each district and the regional chairperson, zone chairperson and district officers are appointed by the district governor. Each district has its clubs which comprise the president, vice-presidents, secretary, treasurer, membership director and other posts within the club.


Seychelles NATION: What would you like to achieve for Seychelles as a Lion?

Dr Sasikumar: My contribution would be to raise the Seychelles flag at the highest level by getting a first district governor from Seychelles at international level. For this, the Seychelles Lions would need to invest more time to advance their knowledge in lionism by attending virtual Lions seminar, webinar courses, conventions, leadership trainings etc...

To develop the clubs to an advanced level in lionism by bringing in more Lion leaders to prepare for leadership responsibilities at zone, region and district levels.

Team work never fails. I am dedicating these awards to my Lions of Seychelles for their continuous support and I would like to thank all the Seychelles Lions and my family especially my wife, Lion Dhana Sasikumar who has been so supportive of me in my progress in the path of lionism.


Vidya Gappy

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