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FCRS, a new company created to protect car rental services |27 July 2020

FCRS, a new company created to protect car rental services

Jean-Luc Gonthier and Christian Pillay

FCRS is a new company that has been set up by two young men to help car rental companies identify through a digital customer database platform, information on car renting clients so they can make a more informed choice.

Jean-Luc Gonthier and Christian Pillay said their business operates on a membership model and it enables car rental companies in Seychelles to know more on a local customer before he/she hires one of their vehicles.

The idea to set up this business came after Jean-Luc and Christian realised that many car rental companies in Seychelles were being financially penalised for poor customer conduct relating to the care of their vehicles.

“It is common that a client refuses to pay for damages incurred on the hired vehicle whilst under their care or, in worst case scenarios, if they write off a car due to alcohol consumption, insurance companies refuse to pay out to the car hire business,” say the owners of the company.

“This issue poses a serious liability for car rental companies in Seychelles and has resulted in some of us forsaking rental revenue out of fear of our vehicles being mistreated by local customers,” they say.

As a car rental owner, Jean-Luc has experienced this first-hand.

As a primary objective, FCRS’ digital platform will enable car rental companies in Seychelles to register and flag careless customers so that the industry can minimise their risks when renting out their vehicles.

“We wanted to give a service that provides full transparency to car rental companies in     Seychelles when renting their vehicles to customers and promote a spirit of cooperation among members,” said Mr Gonthier.

FCRS is currently the only company providing an online database service that offers a digital customer database platform to car rental companies in Seychelles.

The owners noted that as it’s a newly launched company, they are still registering car rental businesses, but so far they are satisfied with the number of car rental owners who have reached out for their services as it brings lots of benefits and changes the way people will rent cars as well as take care of those vehicles which do not belong to them.

To know more about the new company you can see them on both Instagram and Facebook.

Christophe Zialor

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