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My Time To Shine is Theresia Onesia’s new gospel solo album |25 July 2020

My Time To Shine is Theresia Onesia’s new gospel solo album

The cover of Theresia’s album

Following the launch of her gospel single ‘Zezi Sel Met e Sover’ released in 2018, Theresia Onezia has this week released her first solo album.

The album comprising 10 songs, is on sale since Tuesday with Theresia herself at R100 and at R150 at the usual sales venues including on Praslin and La Digue as from next week.

The song entitled ‘Mersi Manman’ is dedicated to all the mothers who took care of her at the President’s Village where she spent her childhood.

“The different mothers at the village took really good care of me and of all the other children there and I feel that from the bottom of my heart I need to express my gratitude to them,” Theresia told Seychelles NATION.

Another song entitled ‘Mon en Zanfan’ has been written and sang by Theresia’s eight-year-old son Lionel Labrosse. Theresia said her son wrote the song during the COVID-19 pandemic but unfortunately they could not release it then.

“But now he is looking forward to produce his video clip,” Theresia said.

Theresia says all the remaining eight songs are gospel songs based on everyday life challenges and situations and they are all sending a strong message to all the people. The album is a mix of sega, reggae, slow … to please all age groups of people who will be touched by the songs depending on their life situations.

“Gospel is the trend nowadays and because I enjoy singing and love gospel songs and since I went through a lot of difficult situations in my life as a young person, I said why not continue to sing and produce my own album as I feel I am ready and it is my time to shine,” said Theresia.

“There is a time for everything and for everyone and my time is now and this is why the title of one of the songs as well as that of the album itself,” she said.

Theresia has expressed her heartfelt gratitude to her two sons, her partner Hansel Labrosse, her church Winners Chapel, and everyone who in one way or another has given her encouragement.

She said it was not at all easy to produce the album without sponsorship but with all the support she got and a lot of personnel sacrifices, she has persevered and is very proud.

All the songs were recorded and mixed at the General Sound Studio at Bel Ombre and Theresia said she is very happy with the end product.


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