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Prison service interacts with students of English River secondary school |17 July 2020

Prison service interacts with students of English River secondary school

Prison officers interacting with the group of students at the English River secondary school

A group of secondary students from English River school with a record of truancy, recently had the opportunity to interact and positively engage with prison officials as well as two young inmates with the aim of helping them change their behaviour and take their studies and life more seriously.

The session was led by Elsa Nourice, the principal probation officer and head of rehabilitation and psychosocial support at the prison service. Raymond St. Ange, the superintendent of prisons was also present and he addressed the students pressing home to them the need to take life seriously and positively.

“Our community supports as well as provides us opportunities to further engage with students. Today our efforts hopefully is resonating with a few students who are for one reason or another not taking their lives seriously. We certainly want them to think twice about their negative actions and what the consequences for them might be,” said Ms Nourice.

Following the interactions with the students the message that came out loud and clear was: “Stay in school, learn and be ready for life ahead as positive actions bring positive outcomes.”

The Seychelles Prison Service was pleased to respond to the request made by representatives of English River secondary school to talk to the group of students.

This positive engagement follows on from past visits by students from other schools to the Montagne Posée prison to see for themselves prison life confined between four walls and to hear from inmates what led them to prison in the first place.


Press release from the Seychelles Prison Service


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