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Ramajayam supermarket organises various activities to boost sale |06 July 2020

Ramajayam supermarket organises various activities to boost sale

Faithful clients as well as members of the public who frequently carry out purchases at the Ramajayam shopping outlet at the Victoria South Petrol Station (Roche Caïman), must have at one time or another taken part in one of the different activities and if lucky, they must have taken home some interesting prizes won at the weekly draw.

The weekly lucky draws are for everyone who shop with no purchase restrictions. The other activities include free products tasting, customer education among others.

Among the wide range of quality products of international brands available at the Ramajayam Roche Caïman outlet includes: Mansa rice which is 100% pure and premium basmati rice priced more affordably than any rice with similar quality, most affordable Pomurske & Frischli liquid milk from Europe with options of 1.5 % low fat and 3.5% full cream in tetrapack, Pascual yoghurt with Yogikid & cups, Bizce Sunflower oil which is pure, light, cholesterol free and winterised; Ideal Turkish lentils, Shinex machine washing powder which is considered cheaper than all washing powders, Target & Beef-X corned beef as well as Zwan luncheon meats among others.

“Our aim is to ensure that our customers and other members of the public who enter the supermarket feel part of and welcomed in our retail outlets. And after doing their shopping they are satisfied both with the quality, affordability of the products as well as the customer care and service they have received from us,” said D.V. Sharma, the purchase and global sourcing manager of Pillay R Group of which the Ramajayam supermarket forms part.

Mr Sharma noted that these same products are also available in all the company owned Ramajayam supermarkets chain which can also be found at Ile Perseverance, Anse Des Genets, Grand Anse on Mahé and Praslin.

“We believe that there are always areas where we can make improvement to continuously satisfy our customers and give them the kind of shopping experience that will make them come back. This is why we will continue to come up with innovative ideas to benefit and satisfy our customers,” Mr Sharma pointed out.

The accompanying photos show one of the weekly lucky draw being organised, displayed along with free tasting and customer educations for Zwan luncheon meat.



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