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Chat with young artist Yhoni Vahad Farabeau |26 June 2020

Chat with young artist Yhoni Vahad Farabeau

In search of inspiration for a new song

‘I always want to give the best in what I do’


Today we have a quick chat with Yhoni Vahad Farabeau who is a retail sales dealer at a bank but who is also a young promising artist. He recently released a new song ‘Mon Promes’ which brings much hope for the lovers of this generation.


Seychelles NATION: Please tell us who Yhoni is?

Yhoni Farabeau: What I can say about myself is that I am a young artist with a passion for music. I always want to deliver the best in what I do.


Seychelles NATION: Tell us more about your childhood and youth years

Yhoni Farabeau: My childhood years were amazing. Coming from a musical family made it even better since we were very close with each other so we would spend many moments singing and writing songs together, mostly during our religious activities which is the Baha’i faith.


Seychelles NATION: When did you get into music and how?

Yhoni Farabeau: I started to be actively engaged in music since I was 4 or 5 years old. My dad discovered I liked singing when we were practicing for a school concert. Since then he has been supporting me throughout my whole music career.


Seychelles NATION: So far how many songs have you composed and recorded?

Yhoni Farabeau: In total I have recorded six songs; four of which I have composed myself; and there are more in the pipeline.


Seychelles NATION: Please tell us more about your new song?

Yhoni Farabeau: My new song basically is portraying a more positive aspect compared to my previous songs. It’s basically about a union between two individuals that have decided to devote themselves to each other. It can be either a wedding or the start of a loving relationship; depending on how you want to interpret it.


Seychelles NATION: What is the message and why did you choose this message?

Yhoni Farabeau: The message is to find that right person. And when you do you seize the opportunity to build your new life with your other half for better or worse. The message is simple. It’s to love and be faithful.


Seychelles NATION: In this new normal, how do you see life and as an artist how is it impacting you?

Yhoni Farabeau: As an artist it has not been really easy since you cannot be physically present for your fans. You have to promote your work online most of the time. But eventually I know it will get better.


Compiled by Vidya Gappy

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