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The night of fire and discord |13 June 2020

In the night of fire and discord

The wolves howl in fury

For a disease, took away the life of their brother.

The wolves were strong and prideful

And they would not rest until this disease had seen their wrath.

In the night of broken glass and mourning parents

The wolves bared their fangs towards this disease

Their hearts burned hot with hate

And their eyes were blinded with rage.

In the pursuit of their invisible enemy

They destroyed the homes of their brothers and sisters

Hurt the innocent, and the people they strived to protect.

They broke out of their cages, and as a result, they set the world on fire

All in pursuit of their intangible foe.

But the wolves had not yet realised

That they too had been infected by this disease,

This disease named racism.

This racism drove them into a war they could not win

Because the wolves had not realised their enemies’ weaknesses.

Love and compassion.

They could not obliterate hate with hate

Nor could they stop violence with violence.

The only way to eliminate hate was with understanding.

Understanding that there is no white or black race

There is only one race. The Human race.

We are all somewhat infected by this disease,

But we should never let racism control our actions and our judgement.

In the night of burning buildings and outraged protestors

The wolves were seeking revenge for their lost brother

A young man who had his future stolen from him -

George Floyd.

May you rest in power

Your brothers will never forget your life

Nor will we ever forget your struggles.


Joshua Marie

S5 (1) Independent School


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