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R Dynasty providing a solution to all your hygiene problems |20 May 2020

R Dynasty providing a solution to all your hygiene problems

Mr Philoe next to one of his trucks

R Dynasty – Your End’s Solution is a new high water power cleaning business set up in February this year and became fully operational in March.

The business name – R Dynasty Your End’s Solution – is owned by 37-year-old Roddy Philoe of Roche Caiman. Meeting with Mr Philoe at his home at Roche Caiman yesterday where the business is currently based, the young entrepreneur was eager to share his dream to set up such a business.

He says the ‘R’ in the business name is the first initial in the names of all his children, his wife and himself.

Mr Philoe runs the business with the support of some of his family members namely his brother in law Keneth Albert and his mother Gina Philoe.

Mr Philoe’s two trucks imported from China arrived in February just before the country closed its borders to the outside world in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic. One carries a high power water jetting system to clean different surfaces in a short time with efficiency while the other is a waste compacter which for the time being has not yet started operation.

“I have been a business-minded person from a very young age growing up with a father, Philip Rath, who had his own construction business and I as a young boy was always watching whenever possible and curious to know more of whatever construction process was taking place,” said Mr Philoe.

For some years now the young entrepreneur and his wife have been running a restaurant in Australia but Mr Philoe has always been travelling between Australia and Seychelles every three to four months.

“But for a long time I have been thinking of starting something here in my home country as one never knows what can happen and it is best not to put all one’s eggs in one basket. And then I had the idea to go into something that would always be in demand and waste management with general cleaning came to mind as it is something that will continue under whatever circumstances and situations that befall us,” Mr Philoe pointed out.

He says that like everybody else he had no idea what was about to hit us and he considers himself lucky that his business operations fell well in order just before the economic upheaval caused by restrictions related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I will be forever grateful to God that my trucks got here just before the lockdown,” he highlighted.

But Mr Philoe admitted that setting up his business and getting it operating was not smooth running but he was never disappointed instead kept on his most polite and understanding demeanor at all times.

“Even though you are annoyed and frustrated you should always keep a polite and understanding front and must not show what you are feeling. But I should say there is still too much duplicating bureaucratic processes to go through before succeeding in putting a business on its feet and these can be very frustrating,” he affirmed, adding that the important thing is to reach your objective.

He said so far he has received very positive and encouraging reactions from clients.

“Wherever we have been providing cleaning services in the few weeks that we have been in operation, clients – big and small – have fully appreciated the efficiency of the eco-friendly cleaning solutions added to the powerful water jetting which to their greatest satisfaction leaves a very good quality of finishing work completed in a remarkably short time compared to the length of time a normal water cleaning machine was to take if it was to be used’’.

But how did he build up his pool of clients?

Mr Philoe said he just made a list of some potential establishments that he believes would need power cleaning before sending them emails to start with and from there he started getting some very positive responses. Words of mouth also played a good part in getting the business off its feet and Mr Philoe said a remarkable number of small households which were really interested in a quick cleaning all round before fresh paint is applied, really gave the business prominence.

“Small domestic households which required old paint that was peeling off to be removed completely before fresh paint is applied welcomed the idea for water power to be used instead of hand scraping to remove all the old paint and mould,” said Mr Philoe.

In its effort to provide clients with solutions to all their problems, Mr Philoe said they can also organise to provide a painter for the clients.

What about the cleaning chemicals being used? Mr Philoe affirmed that everything is of high quality, eco-friendly and pet friendly imported from Australia and also bought from DIY here.

R Dynasty can solve all your hygiene problems be it cleaning of warehouses, kennels, large kitchens and many more providing the appropriate solution in a very short time. But Mr Philoe noted that for the time being they are concentrating on providing hygiene solutions only but will eventually move to providing other forms of solutions like unblocking drains and pumping sewage.

For the past few weeks Mr Philoe said his business has received a big boost as the Ministry of Education sought the help of firms that can provide efficient power water cleaning service in a short time.

Mr Philoe said his truck is well equipped with a 60-metre long hose, three water tanks that can hold 6000 litres of water on each trip, a separate pickup truck with a tank and pump for water back-up where necessary.

He added that for the time being, in view of the current crisis, he is satisfied with the way his business is doing and expresses the hope that our economic situation improves in the coming months.

Meanwhile he says he will continue to go out to find more clients and continue to offer competitive prices which will encourage clients to recommend his business to their friends.

The prices being charged to remove mould and peeling paint all round an ordinary house is between R1800 and R3500 and if a painter is to be provided this will amount to R10,000 excluding paint and a large institution is priced from R15,000 onwards.

Meanwhile Mr Philoe said R Dynasty is planning to eventually move to Zone 20 at Providence and is also planning to gradually diversify.

R Dynasty – Your End’s Solution can be reached on 2508400.


Marie-Anne Lepathy

Photos: Joena Meme





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