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Gran Kaz undertakes restructuring project post COVID-19 |15 May 2020

Gran Kaz undertakes restructuring project post COVID-19

Gran Kaz casino has announced that it will reopen its doors in June

Gran Kaz, a popular entertainment centre in Seychelles, is excited to be reopening its doors to the public in June this year, in line with guidance from the Public Health Authority.

Gran Kaz currently operates three venues (two in Victoria and one in Bel Ombre) providing both gaming and dining services. The three venues will reopen with changes to the Victoria location – the live games casino will be renovated to offer electronic gaming, dining services and a VIP Privé room. This will offer a more exclusive entertainment experience for customers. The purpose of these changes is to establish a safer gaming experience for its customers.

“When we shut our doors in March, it was with a heavy heart but we knew it was in the best interest of our employees and our community,” says chief operations officer Jonathan Paul. “However the past month has given us the opportunity and time to reflect and reorganise, and to start putting in place a more efficient product offering, one which we had been considering for some time.”

This restructuring comes about as a response to the current health pandemic, which Mr Paul says has forced it into “survival mode”.

“As a responsible business operator our key priorities in a time like this are to ensure health and safety for our employees and for our clients and to protect our future business operations as well as we can, while operating within the regulations prescribed by government. The decision to close the live games casino, at least for now, was not one that was reached easily, but we feel that it is absolutely necessary in these trying times,” says the marketing, PR and communications manager of Gran Kaz, Shama Amesbury.

“Physical distancing is a lot harder to achieve in a live games casino, it is challenging to stop people from congregating around one roulette table, for example, no matter how many restrictive measures you put in place. It’s also harder due to the fact that these live games themselves are interactive. Unlike the slots, where we have a ‘one player one machine’ arrangement, which can be sanitised and wiped down after each use, with live games there are chips circulating, different people touching the same areas on the table and it’s much harder to control the possible spread of a disease like COVID-19.”

These are not the only changes that customers can expect when Gran Kaz reopens.

“Going forward, we would like to do everything in our power to ensure that we prevent the recurrence and spread of COVID-19 in Seychelles. We have worked on a health and safety protocol, which we have sent to the Public Health Authority for their feedback, and once approved we will be putting in place all the necessary measures to ensure the health and safety of both our customers and our employees,” says Ms Amesbury.

“Assuming there are no further incidences of COVID-19 in Seychelles in the weeks to come, Gran Kaz is very excited to welcome all its customers back in June,” she concludes.


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