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Athletics: Special Event Number One |07 February 2019

Athletics: Special Event Number One

Caleb Vadivello won the men’s 300m race in 35.4 seconds

Favourites dominate first event of the series

The Seychelles Athletics Federation (SAF) recently organised its first meeting in the Special Event series to launch the year’s calendar, attracting a large number of athletes who competed in seven events.

Among the winners of the first event in the series were favourites Natacha Chetty in the women’s long jump and Caleb Vadivello in the men’s 300m.

With only one opponent, namely Special Athlete Odile Felix, Chetty of the Port Glaud Shooting Star won the women’s long jump competition, leaping 5.28 metres, pushing Felix second after jumping 2.94 metres.

As for Vadivello, also of Port Glaud Shooting Star, he cruised to victory in the men’s 300m finals, crossing the line in 35.4 seconds, ahead of teammate Jovan Hoareau who was second in 38.3 seconds. Special Athlete Michael Andrew finished third in 42.0 seconds.



Below are the complete results of the first event


Men’s 60m: 1. Janosh Moncherry (Port Glaud Shooting Star, 7.8 seconds), 2. Ezra Youngman (Port Glaud Shooting Star, 6.8 seconds), 3. Jerold Alexis (Port Glaud Shooting Star, 7.3 seconds)

Women’s 60m: 1. Amelie Charles (Port Glaud Shooting Star, 7.8 seconds), 2. Shakira Payet (Port Glaud Shooting Star, 8.1 seconds), 3. Kelcia Yocette (Perseverance Arrow, 8.6 seconds)

Women’s 150m: 1. Kelcia Yocette (Perseverance Arrow, 23.9 seconds), 2. Anissa Lozaique (Perseverance Arrow, 24.4 seconds), 3. Angele Fred (Handi-sport, 24.8)

Men’s 1000m: 1. Yannick Magnan (Top Racers, 2:38.4), 2. Geno Belle (Top Racers, 2:52.2), 3. Harryson Henriette (Port Glaud Shooting Stars, 2:58.3).

Men’s 300m: 1. Caleb Vadivello (Port Glaud Shooting Star, 35.4 seconds), 2. Jovan Hoareau (Port Glaud Shooting Star, 38.3 seconds), 3. Michael Andrew (Handi-Sport, 42.0 seconds)

Women’s long jump: 1. Natacha Chetty (Port Glaud Shooting Star, 5.28 metres), 2. Odile Felix (Handi-Sport, 2.92 metres).

Men’s long jump: 1. Menjel kilindo (Port Glaud Shooting Star, 6.60 metres), 2. Clint Stravens (Port Glaud Shooting Star, 6.26), 3. Carlos Roucou (Inner Island, 5.92 metres).


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