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Potential self-recruiters learn about ‘my first business scheme’ |02 March 2020

Potential self-recruiters learn about ‘my first business scheme’

The department of Industry and Entrepreneurship Development (DOIED) and the Enterprise Seychelles Agency (ESA) participated in the ‘My First Job Scheme’ recruitment fair following an invitation from the department of Employment.

The fair, which was held at the International Conference Centre Seychelles on Wednesday February 26, 2020, showcased various employment opportunities by both public and private entities.

DOIED’s and ESA’s presence at a recruitment fair was two-fold – to inform the youth and participants in general on the values of entrepreneurship that can benefit them while leading or working within an organisation and to remind the youth that under the ‘My First Job Scheme’, there is a sub-category dedicated towards young entrepreneurs.

The category provides youth aged between 18 to 25 years old with a 40% refund of their own salary capped at R7000, while running their own business; the refund lasts for a period of one year. Young businesspersons are also able to claim 40% of the salary that they pay to professional centre graduates they employ in their business. The scheme can be accessed through the department of Employment.

DOIED and ESA interacted with a significant amount of young people who indicated that they will become their own boss in the future. At this point in their lives however they were still building on their finances and experience. They explained that they were unsure of which business to go into, the procedures that need to be followed and the support mechanisms in existence.

They were apprised of three booklets published by DOIED and ESA that are currently at their disposal namely, ‘What is an Entrepreneur’/’Ki savedir en Antreprener’, ‘5 Steps to starting your business’ and ‘The MSMEs Guide to Incentives’.

The ‘What is an Entrepreneur’ booklet, which is available in both English and Creole languages, lists 10 characteristics that a person should have in order to be considered an entrepreneur.

The ‘5 Steps to starting your business’ booklet outlines five steps in order to open a business, from the moment they come up with their business idea up until they seek funding.

The ‘MSMEs Guide to Incentives’ booklet contains all concessionary loans, grants and tax incentives currently available for business in various sectors of the economy.

Visitors at DOIED and ESA’s section of the fair participated in an online survey testing their knowledge on entrepreneurship. This was done in order to assist DOIED to develop a baseline for effective sensitisation strategies.

Before leaving the stall, participants were asked to take souvenir photos as Futurepreneurs in anticipation of their ambition.

They were also requested to leave their WhatsApp numbers and emails to receive electronic copies of all booklets and regular information concerning business development.

For any interested in accessing the aforementioned information, please WhatsApp DOIED on 2824018 or email

The accompanying photos show some highlights of the DOIED and ESA’s participation at the fair.



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