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Seychelles Women and Sports Association – Women’s day fun run |27 February 2020

Seychelles Women and Sports Association – Women’s day fun run

Last year's women's day fun run

Swasa urges all women to come and run on their special day

To commemorate International Women’s Day which falls on March 8, the Seychelles Women and Sports Association will once again this year host a fun run and is inviting all women who run and those who would like to run.

This year’s event, the third to be organised by the Seychelles Women and Sports Association (Swasa) will take place on Monday March 9, starting at 4.30pm at Stad Popiler.

The fun run which will begin with a warm-up will include covering three laps of the stadium where the participants will be free to run or walk.

The fun run is a free event open to everyone and its aim is to encourage participation, friendship, solidarity and healthy lifestyles to women of all ages and fitness levels.

Registered with the Registrar of Associations in August 2007, the Swasa worked in line with the ideas of the first Women and Sports Committee set up in 1999 by former sports minister Sylvette Pool.

Swasa office bearers were in the past nominated, but it was later decided that they should be elected.

The association was launched by the then National Sports Council chief executive Alain Volcère in late November 2007 and its first chairperson was Anne-Marie Mathiot.

Swasa has also adopted the following mission statement: ‘Increase our registered members and through advocacy establish an institutional recruitment programme with a proper register for data so as to increase the percentage of women in key positions in sports management, associations, federations, officiating, coaches, and bring awareness country-wise to the importance of women in sports and physical activities’.

The present office bearers are Delta Ward Horner (chairperson), Hebetty Alcindor (vice-chairperson), Stephanie Duval (secretary), Chantal Hoffman (treasurer), Antoinette Esparon, Anne-Marie Mathiot, Sandra Jeanne, Simone Malbrook and Hilda Khan (members).

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