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Independent School releases results for last November’s IGCSE – A Level exams |11 February 2020

The Independent School has released the results for last November’s IGCSE and A Level exams.

Thirty-six Year 2 students sat a total of 121 A Level exam entries, out of which ten students sat for four subjects. All grades but one were pass grades, with 76.9% at C or higher.

Twenty-four students qualify for an ANHRD scholarship for further studies at university; they include seven students who scored 30 points or above, which qualifies them for the high achiever’s award. The remaining twelve students are also eligible for a grant. Thus 100% of the cohort have met the criteria set by ANHRD this year.

Top performers were:

Vishwarajan Pillay who scored 3 A*s and 1 A

Ishika Sambadoo who scored 2A*s and 2 ‘A’s

Jean Paul Lebon with 3 A*s and 1a^

Liam Balette with 3 ‘A’s and 1C.

Other notable results came from Xiaolang Lownam with 2 ‘A’s, 1 B and 1b^, 1d^, Aaron Marie with 2 ‘A’s, 1 B and 1 D, Courtney Hibonne with 2 ‘A’s and 1B, Clint Victorine with 1 A* and 2 ‘B’s and Gregory Panagary with 1 A, 2 ‘B’s and 1 C.


IGCSE Results

74 students sat a total of 705 exam entries, 57 students (77%) scored 5 ‘C’s or better, including 24 students (32%) who scored at least 5 A* and ‘A’s.

36% of all grades are A to A*, while 80 % are C or higher. The school notes a 6.4% increase in A* to C grades compared to the previous year.

Jade du Preez is the best performer with 5 ‘A*’s and 5 ‘A’s. The other top performers are:


The students also sat for the DELF Scolaire exam. 9 sat for A2 and 48 for B1 and all passed. 13 of the 14 who entered B2 level succeeded.

38 out of the 74 students qualify for entry into A Level at our school and all but 2 are staying on; they will be joined by a student from the state school under the Lila Jivan Scholarship scheme. With the exception of two students, all the others

have got a place in different post-secondary institutions, in the main, SALS and SBSA.

We congratulate all the students for their hard work and wish them the very best in their further studies and careers. The school management and board members warmly thank the staff who, through their diligent effort and commitment over the years, have ensured that the students performed to the very best of their abilities.

Similarly, we recognise and sincerely appreciate the support and encouragement that we received from parents during the time that they entrusted their children’s education to us.


Contributed by the Independent School

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