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La Dolce Vita adds new outlet at Beau Vallon |28 January 2020

La Dolce Vita adds new outlet at Beau Vallon

La Dolce Vita Beau Vallon branch is conveniently located on the shore at the former George Rene Video Rental

With over a hundred excellent and very good reviews on travel site Trip Advisor, it’s safe to say that La Dolce Vita bar and restaurant has earned its reputation as one of the best hangouts in town among both visitors and locals alike.

Offering an array of delightful international dishes ranging from healthy salads, grills, burgers, pizzas, sandwiches, pastas and desserts, the spacious eatery is well frequented and is often praised for its relaxing atmosphere, friendly staff, good service and fresh tasting cocktails. Of course, as with any Italian eatery, La Dolce Vita boasts a selection of ice cream gelatos in tropical, classic and new and novel flavours to cool customers down on those extra hot days, or just as a treat for the little ones.

Considering the success of the town bar and restaurant, owners Guiseppe Randisi and wife Emerence Randisi last year decided to open a second location, on the sunny shores of Beau Vallon.

Open for just under three months, the La Dolce Vita Beau Vallon branch offers the same menu as the town bar and restaurant, with the exception of pizzas, given the size of the facility which does not permit for proper wood ovens to be installed.

Conveniently located on the shore at the former George Rene Video Rental, the eatery is equipped with indoor and outdoor seating areas, a small and cosy bar area as well as parking spaces for clients. As with the restaurant in town, customers also have free wifi at their disposition.

“We wanted to recreate something similar to our outlet in town and I think we managed to do that. Our focus is on giving customers the best experience we can whether they come as friends, in a family or in a group. It is for that reason that the Beau Vallon outlet is open for longer hours than the one in town,” Mr Randisi explained.

La Dolce Vita Beau Vallon opens from 8am to 10pm daily, serving breakfast and strong Italian-branded coffee as from 8am. Take-away is also available for those who fancy a day off from the pots and cooker.


Text by Laura Pillay

Photos by Joena Meme

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