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Athena: ‘Fanm For’ show to be one for the books |25 January 2020

Athena: ‘Fanm For’ show to be one for the books

(L to r) Mia, Sandra, Kelly and Travis during the press conference (Photo: Joena Meme)

Two of the top female artists in the country will take the stage on February 1, 2020 for a women empowerment show at the mini stadium.

Sandra and Mia will be joined by eight other female artists to put up a performance that is said to be focused on empowering and supporting women.

To get more details on the upcoming show, a press conference was organised this week headed by the two artists, Travis Julienne and Kelly Mathiot, who was representing the supporting artists.

“The concept of the show is to bring women together. We haven’t seen a concert like that in many years,” Travis Julienne, one of the organisers of the show, said.

The show is a collaboration of different production companies that have joined together under the ‘Prowox Banner’ which is the name of the company that is producing the show.

He added that the show was conceptualised from one of the first songs that Mia recorded and this led to Sandra’s team suggesting putting the two artists together and from then on they started working on the concert.

He noted that it was not easy for them as they had virtually no funding.

“The music industry here in Seychelles still does not trust artists in Seychelles, so we came up with the concept of the show since the beginning of 2019 but we could not manage to receive any financial backing which is a shame, as the two main ladies were among the top artists last year,” said Travis.

On their part, Sandra and Mia noted that the show is on another level and fans attending will experience something new.

They also thanked the other eight female singers for their support.

Kelly added that the show will be a great opportunity for the up and coming supporting artists where they will be able to showcase their talents.

The show has cost over R500,000 to organise.

However the line-up of the show initially included ten artists one of whom was Katty Melanie, a veteran in the local music industry, but she recently dropped out of the show after it was revealed that she and the other supporting artists will have to perform with a playback track and no backup dancers.

Ms Melanie noted on her social media page that the decision to have only Mia and Sandra sing live was ludicrous. She expressed her disappointment at the supporting female artists not being afforded the same treatment.

Travis noted that although Katie’s exit has affected their line-up they are nonetheless staying positive and will proceed with the show and have no plans to replace Katty.


Christophe Zialor


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