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Partners congratulate IECD on its accreditation as a UNESCO Global Category II Centre for Early Childhood Care and Development |26 December 2019

Seychelles acceded to a global recognition as a leader in the field of Early Childhood Care and Development, on November 15, 2019.

The status of Seychelles’ Institute of Early Childhood Development (IECD) as a Unesco Global Category II Institute for Early Childhood Care and Development (ECCD) was unanimously approved at the 40th session of the Unesco general conference.

The geographical scope of the Unesco Category II Institute means that Seychelles has acceded to a global recognition as a leader in this field. This is over and above the recognition of the IECD as the IBE-Unesco Best Practice Hub for ECCD, and represents a much higher and institutionally, more sustainable recognition.

As a Global Category II Centre, the Institute is to provide global intellectual and operational leadership, as well as capacity building for Unesco member States to advance the development of ECCD.

Following this important news, the IECD received a number of congratulatory messages which it has decided to share with the general public.


President Danny Faure: “Congratulations and appreciation to the IECD team, its partners and the UNESCO Governing Bodies for believing in Seychelles.”


Dr Mmantsetsa Marope, director of the IBE-Unesco: “The IBE director and team congratulate Seychelles on the establishment of its Unesco Category II Institute for Early Childhood Care and Development (ECCD). It has been eight fulfilling years (2011 to 2019) of building Seychelles’ resilient and holistic national ECCD system from a fragmented delivery of ECCD services so typical across many countries.”


Ms Renelle Anacoura, crèche teacher-in-charge Les Mamelles crèche: “Congratulation to the CEO and the big team of IECD for their devotion to upgrade the standards of your work. Great achievement. Keep it up. All the best. God bless you all.”


Gerard Govinden, CEO of NISA: “That is great news. Congratulations.”


Bernard Shamlaye, former ambassador: “Congratulations. It's testimony to the good work that has been done over the years. It would be good to have an article on the subject and an interview in media when you're back. Important also that parents and community are mobilised and motivated to improve ECCE at their level, home and community so that Seychelles really becomes the shining example.”


Teresa Mwoma             ECCE consultant from Kenya: “Wow! This is indeed fantastic news. I am proud to be associated with this great achievement to IECD. Bravo Mrs Choppy and congratulations to Seychelles for leading by example in ECCD. This marks the beginning to show your prowess in ECCD in the region and globally.”


Geraldine Teo-Zuzarte, ECCE consultant from Singapore: “Heartiest congratulations to you and your wonderful team! So well deserved!”


Bernard Adonis, lawyer: “IECD has made Seychelles proud. Congratulations to you and your team. Keep up the good work Mrs Choppy.”


Annie Vidot, chairperson NECCE Trust Fund: “On behalf of NECCE Trust Fund I would like to congratulate Mrs Choppy and her team and all their partners for the prestigious award and global recognition of ICED. This is also a great achievement for our country. It is the fruit of hard work and dedication – a team that remained focus on the end result in the face of all challenges. Eight years of hard work and a stupendous accomplishment! A well-deserved recognition! Congratulations again and all the best to you Mrs Choppy and the team.”


Mr Mein: “Great achievement for Seychelles.”


Mr Georges Joseph, Maitri Advertising Company: “Hearty congratulations to you and your team Mrs Choppy. This brings unparalleled pride to Seychelles too.”


Mufaddal Vaziri, Kitaab Alyom Stationary: “Great work. Congratulations.”


Mrs Lanka Dorby, director working with Comesa: “This is really good news. Congratulations to the CEO of Early Childhood. You have made Seychelles proud as a CEO. This can be achieved only by a competent CEO. Congratulations again!”


Mrs Monia Course, senior public health officer: “Many congratulations to you and the IECD team. It has always been a pleasure and somehow exciting to work with you and your team. And I must admit that I have had an enriching learning experience. Thank you for all the learning opportunities and keep up the great work.”


Mrs Peggy Vidot, Chairperson of the Seychelles Women Trust Fund: “I wish to send my congratulations to you and the team for the recognition IECD has been awarded. I believe you guys deserve it for all the hard work. Best wishes for more global awards in future.”


Mr David Savy,              Chairman IECD Board: “Congratulations to the IECD Family and all its collaborators. All Seychellois can be proud of this momentous achievement. This accolade is testimony to the hard work, devotion and tenacity all of you IECD staff. Seychelles and IECD are now a worldwide reference in Early Childhood Care and our progress in this domain will be showcased as best practice. Best of luck to you all.


Kathleen Cecile, Deputy CEO Health Care Agency: “Congratulations to Minister Simeon and IECD CEO, Mrs Shirley Choppy for this great achievement. A big thank you also to Dr Marope for her support and guidance.”


Lymiah Bibi, Early Childhood Lecturer SITE: “Congratulations! Good News!”


Murielle Marie,           Local Government Technical Team Member: “Congratulations!


Gina Balette, Senior Education Officer - Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development: “Congratulations IECD! Hard work sure paid off Mrs Shirley Choppy!”


Cristian Fabbi, IBE-UNESCO Senior Fellow in ECCE: “I’d like to congratulate you and your staff for the wonderful achievement of the recognition you had from UNESCO. It is the natural development of a work started years ago. As you all know, you all worked tirelessly for the good of the young children in Seychelles, and your experience will be a good practice to be shared and studied all over the world. Please expend my congratulations to all of your staff. Be proud of your work, my friends!”


Saba Bokhari, UNESCO Consultant: “That’s wonderful! Have been getting a flurry of messages from UNESCO Paris since yesterday, about the success of the Seychelles... Other African countries now want more ECD.... Keep up your energy, positivity, and humility and great work!”


Alfonso G. Navarro Carvallo, Facebook Follower: “Congratulations and more successes!”


Sylvanne Lemiel, Member of the National Assembly: “Congratulations!”


Jenifer Motee, Registered Childminder:  “Congratulations, keep it up!”

Almamri Nadia Ali, Assistant Director, Department of Education Sector, Oman National Commission for Education, Culture and Science: “We are pleased to congratulate you on the adoption of the IECD Seychelles as an international centre for early childhood care and education under the auspices of UNESCO (category II) at the 40th General Conference, and wish you continued progress and prosperity.”


Maipa Wespa Koukreo, Conference Delegate – Cameroon : «Félicitations aux Seychelles!

Et beaucoup de courage pour faire de plus en plus mieux.»


Marie-Annette Lawen, Ministry of Education: “Congratulation for your achievement, on the recognition by UNESCO. Keep It Up.”


J. Cristina Menéndez Díaz, Conference Delegate – Cuba: “Dear colleagues at ECCE, Greetings from the Cuban Homeland (CUBA). I feel very happy with the recent accreditation received, being sponsored by UNESCO (Category II) will allow the projection of magnificent projects for the attention of the children of Early Childhood. Please count on me to work together in any action of international support.

A hug full of affection and I appreciate the constant communication we have.”


Juhi Jha      Research Officer – IECD: “Congratulations IECD on this well-deserved recognition! Looking forward to the journey ahead.”


Michelle Adeline, Senior Compliance Officer - Centre-Based Childminding Services IECD: Seychelles Institute of Early Childhood Development (IECD) accreditation as a UNESCO Global Category II Centre for Early Childhood Care and Education comes as good news for the Institute. Warmest congratulations to Mrs Shirley Choppy, our chief executive, for her commitment, perseverance and relentless efforts to increase the visibility of the Institute not only locally but also in the region and beyond.

I would also like to congratulate the IECD team for their enthusiasm, devotion and hard work. I feel proud to be part of such an amazing team and participating in the celebrations. It goes without saying that it is a well-deserved recognition.”


Jasmine Talma,             Communication and Information Officer – IECD: “The IECD has come a long way in such a short time, which shows the hard work and dedication that each and every member of staff has put into bringing the Institute to where it is today. All this under the visionary leadership of the CEO.

My wish for the IECD is for it to become the leading Institution in ECCE worldwide and to keep providing the world with excellence in Early Childhood.”


Julina Madeleine, Principal Officer - Centre-Based Childminding Services, IECD: “Congratulations to our hardworking CEO for leading us towards the establishment of IECD as a Category II Centre under the auspices of UNESCO. We are indeed very proud of you and your enthusiasm and your devotion to make things happen. To all IECD employees, let us remain focused and keep on working hard for the betterment of our children and our beloved Seychelles. Together we can achieve so much more.”


Marie-Claire Leon, Creche Teacher in Charge Labourdonnais Creche: “Congratulations! IECD deserves this honour. The organisation has done a lot to bring about tangible changes in the lives of both the young children and their parents in this country.”


Kairen Madeleine, Exam Officer - Guy Morel Institute: “Congratulations IECD Team on your national and worldwide recognition in turning the institution into a Category II Centre under the auspices of UNESCO! Our hard work and devotion has paid off. Thank you for raising our standards in our Day Care Centres which will further cascade into our crèches and into our primary schools. We all know that we need a strong foundation for our children; and starting strong is what IECD is all about.”


Lely Antat, Early Childhood Coordinator, Baie Ste Anne Praslin Primary School:        “Since the introduction of IECD, all partners under the umbrella of ECCE have joined forces to ensure that the children of 0-8 years are being taken care of. Their holistic development is of paramount importance. The childminders are equipped with skills in order to prepare the children for their formal schooling. Congratulations to the IECD Team!


Vereine Louis-Marie, Director Programme Coordination and Research – IECD: “Congratulations to the CEO for another great achievement and for leading the team on this great endeavour. A well-deserved achievement for a small institution coming from a small island! Best wishes on the next steps ahead.


Name TBA, Message from whatsapp (sent by CEO): “Congratulations to you and your team for bringing IECD to another high level! Seychelles needs expertise like yours. Bravo!”


Prof Hasina Banu Ebrahim, UNESCO Co-chair in Early Childhood Education, Care and Development: “I would like to congratulate the IECD in Seychelles on obtaining the UNESCO Category II status for showing the way on how to build a holistic national ECCD system. This model amplifies the importance of both investment in the early years and leadership capacity to drive a systemic agenda for quality outcomes over time. The global recognition of IECD as a key player in the field together with its growing reputation of a Centre for Excellence augurs well for offering support to African countries that need to address high fragmentation and sectoral bias in early years’ service co-ordination. I view the IECD as playing a key role in paving new pathways for addressing policy development and the implementation gap on the African continent and beyond.”


Marvel Simeon, Monitoring and Evaluation Officer - IECD: “Well done CEO, you must indeed be very proud of yourself and of the Institute. I join the others to applaud our achievement, we deserve it!”


Laurette Lebon, Administrative Officer - IECD: “Congratulations to the IECD (Seychelles) and to Mrs Choppy for her leadership and her hard work. Congratulations also to the team at the IECD!”


Lianette Morel,           Director Regulatory Affairs – IECD: “First and foremost, congratulations to Mrs Choppy for her dedication and hard work. You will all agree with me that without her support we would not have been where we are today. Congratulations to all staff for all your hard work.”

Virginia Athanasius, Private Secretary to the CEO: “Congratulations to the CEO, you have made our team proud.”


Terry Mangroo,            Human Resource and Budget Management Officer – IECD: Congratulations to the CEO and the Team on this well-deserved international recognition. Looking forward to more successes in the field of Early Childhood.”


Nathalie Moustache, Senior Compliance Officer - Home-Based Childminding Services - IECD: “Congratulations! To Mrs. Choppy, IECD Team & Seychelles. Cheers to a new beginning!”


Mrs Soona Oliaji, Oliaji Trading Company: “Congratulations to IECD for this great achievement. I wish to commend the CEO, Mrs Shirley Choppy, for her great leadership, and all the staff for their hard work. I wish them continued success in everything they do.”


Susan L. Labrosse-Rolston: “IECD is a leader in its field and with its latest achievement, it has added another feather to its cap. Lynda Labrosse (posthumously) and I wish IECD, its CEO Mrs Shirley Choppy and IECD staff and collaborators all the very best for the future and extend heartfelt congratulations on this remarkable accomplishment.”




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