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149 graduate with certificates and diplomas |30 November 2019

149 graduate with certificates and diplomas

The graduates in a souvenir photo with guests (Jude Morel)

A total of 149 students yesterday graduated with their certificates and diplomas from the University of Seychelles (UniSey), after having successfully completed their respective programmes of study at The Guy Morel Institute (TGMI).

The graduates were presented with their certificates by vice-chancellor of UniSey, Dr Justin Valentin, in the presence of Designated Minister Macsuzy Mondon, ministers, members of the UniSey Council and deans as well as their relatives.

In his opening address, Dr Valentin asserted the need for individuals and workplaces to prioritise personal development and professional development. Despite the demerger of UniSey and TGMI last year, Dr Valentin noted that the two institutions remain committed towards the development of Seychellois professionals, affirming the good cooperation between the two leading providers of educational and professional programmes.

Dr Valentin further urged other professional centres to partner with UniSey to broaden the range of programmes on offer, in line with UniSey’s aim to increase access to higher education through entry point programmes.

Addressing the graduates, Dr Valentin congratulated them on their achievements and advised them to return to their respective work organisations with a modest mindset and to be willing to learn more.

“Dear graduates, as you return to the workplace, don’t expect too much, too soon. Give time to time, and your time will come. I am confident, that having gone through the various programmes of this university, you have adequately developed the attitude and the maturity which will help you to participate effectively in your workplace,” he said.

“I am now urging you to transfer your skills and knowledge and apply them to the development of this country. You are now part of an important human resource network that has the potential to accomplish the aspirations of this great nation,” Dr Valentin concluded, conveying his good wishes to the students.

Following the presentation of certificates to the graduates, the best performers for each respective study programme was recognised and awarded. The best performers in certificate programmes are as follows: Marie-Antoinette Adelaide (Certificate in General Management), Christopher Bonnelame (Certificate in Immigration Studies), Vanessa Loizeau (Certificate in Human Resource Management), David Moustache (Certificate in Public Procurement) and Juliette Furneau (Certificate in Office Management).

As for Diploma programmes, the best performers were announced as: Keneth Augustin (Diploma in Public Finance Management), Marionne Rose (Diploma in Labour Studies), Yasser Ismael (ACCA Advanced Diploma in Accounting and Business), Laura Vital (Diploma in General Management), Fred Bamboche (Diploma in Human Resource Management), Brendon Belmont (Diploma in Computing and Information Technologies in Infrastructure, Networking and Security), Jemilla Hibonne (Diploma in Computing and Information Technologies in Software Development) and Rina Belle (Diploma in Computing and Information Technologies in Web Technologies and Databases).

As is customary since 2017, a student was nominated for the Dean’s award, as per the Dean’s discretion. The awardee, who has through their respective programme shown remarkable performance in their studies, perseverance, commitment and participation in the numerous activities, was named as Sheena Soopramanien.

New graduate Marius Esparon delivered the vote of thanks on behalf of all graduates expressing his gratitude to staff of TGMI and UniSey and all who helped them along their journey towards their achievements.

He also wished his fellow graduates the best of luck in their future endeavours, urging them to continuously strive to better themselves and enrich their knowledge.


Laura Pillay

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