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Athletics: MEJ-sponsored Eco-friendly run |27 November 2019

Athletics: MEJ-sponsored Eco-friendly run

Rodriguo Thelemaque improved the youth and junior 5km records to 18:17

Five new records at this year’s event

This year’s MEJ-sponsored Eco-friendly run which took place on Sunday produced five new records.

The event featured three races, precisely the 5km, 10km and half marathon, with all three starting at Stad Popiler.

Firstly, in the 5km youth and junior, Rodriguo Thelemaque improved the youth and junior records to 18 minutes 17 seconds (18:17). The old record of 18:18 belonged to Sedwick Bernard

In the 10km master 3 Women (65+), Cecile Amade broke the previous record of 1 hour 43 minutes 39 seconds (1h43:39) belonging to Marie Golby. The new record is now 1h28:33.

In the same category, Sylvana David also ran below the previous record. She did it in 1h39:01.

In the half-marathon, Shanah Jouanneau broke both the youth and junior records of 2h18:40 belonging to Amy Andre. Jouanneau clocked 2h06:56 to rewrite the record books.


The following are the top three finishers in each category


5km girls under-14

Natifa Hollanda       24:14

Noemi Anacoura   24:15

Claudia De Carli       33:10


5km boys under-14              

Makhan Bristol          21:18

Jerius Anacoura     21:35

Gael Denis       23:16


5km girls under-18               

Ishveen Paulin              24:10

Danisha Bannane         25:29

Sheryl Confiance26:21


5km boys under-18              

Rodriguo Thelemaque18:17 (New record)

Eron Malcouzane         19:00

Shaun Magnan             19:12


5km female senior               

Sophia Meme               30:36

Corrine Evenor             33:04

Louisiana Camille         38:29


5km male senior                   

Calvin Morel                 20:05

Paolo Beaudoin            20:42

Carlos Roucou              22:41


5km female master 1         


Jamikara Techasaratoole      33:30

Anick Charles                34:44

Peggy Bamboche         35:47


5km male master 1              

Hilaire Jaomaro            20:31

Macdonald Pierre        23:41

Bharat Bahadur Bogati          24:37


5km female master 2         

Brenda Larue      27:15

Florise Ernesta    28:15

June Woodcock  32:21


5km male master 2              

Jean-Claude Volcere    31:09

Selwyn Medor              32:33

Paolo De Carli              33:06


10km female junior             

Calinne Labrosse   1h16:33

Mariel Ntep           1h36:47

Hope Nourrice       1h37:09


10km male junior                 

Kurt Lesperance     42:09

Ezra Hall          56:29

Liam Esparon           1h06:59


10km female senior             

Tracey Monthy                1h09:04

Celeste Nibourette       1h23:28

Milcah Bijoux                     1h29:30


10km Male Senior                

Yanick Magnan            36:04

Peter Mwangangi       40:03

Michael Kona               44:05


10km female master 1                  

Cheryl Bristol                1h17:14

Simone Dick                 1h24:31

Georgette Youpa          1h25:58


10km male master 1           

Amir Thapa                   45:31

Delcy Moses                53:37

Gilbert Lista                       56:29


10km female master 2                  

Vivienne Vadivello       56:37

Indra Persaud               1h09:58

Maryvonne Barra         1h21:00


10km male master 2           

Marco Rivolta              58:43

Ntep Ntep           1h02:20

Allain Dingwall             1h16:23


Half marathon female junior and senior

Shanah Jouaneau         2h06:56

Anita Amasogno   2h15:48

Kaylee Smit            2h22:46


Half marathon male junior and senior  

Geno Belle                          1h30:41

Andrew Florentine                1h36:32

Nagarajan Gnana Pragasam1h54:06


Half marathon female master 1 & 2     

Natalya Lazarenko       2h17:30

Jeanna Valentin           2h19:11

Zsaklin Miklos              2h25:43


Half marathon male master 1      

Simon Labiche              1h30:56

Gerald Jaomaro            1h33:50

Stuart Laing                  1h34:46


Half marathon male master 2      

Alain Bizmohun            1h52:29

Michael Bijoux             1h52:37

Johnny Jean-Baptiste   2h00:21


Roland Duval






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