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Mahé crazy challenge |23 November 2019

Mahé crazy challenge

The winners and organisers in a souvenir photo

Winners receive their prizes


The winners of this year’s Mahé Crazy Challenge hosted by the Sports for All Unit within the National Sports Council last Saturday, received their prizes during a ceremony held recently at Stad Linite.

For this year’s event, Gino Belle won the men’s category in 9 hours 19 minutes 31.6 seconds (9h19:31.6), adding a second title next to his name, after also winning in 2016.

Samuel Vidot finished second with a time of 9h19:53.6, completing the course ahead of Malagasy Gerard Jaomaro, winner of the past two challenges who was third in 9h51:28.

In the women’s category, Nelda Freminot who was taking part in her ninth challenge, clocked 12h52:50.2 to finish first, ahead of Brenda Larue who took the runner-up spot in 12h54:44.4.

Florise Ernesta finished third overall in 13h16:00.3.

Commenting on the event, director of the Sports for All Unit Francis Remie said it was big success since a record 40 people managed to complete at least the first phase which ended at Cap Ternay.

He added that it was obvious that this year’s contestants were better prepared, based on their performances and speed, as well as the ‘zero casualty’ record registered.

Mr Remie further added that as extra incentives, the NSC is in the process of signing future winners for the same event at international competitions.


The winners’ reaction

Gino Belle: “In 2016 I was just testing the waters, but this year I came well prepared and I knew in advance what I was coming to do. It was more difficult this year as there were more people and they were all aware of my presence, so they were in a way marking me very tightly.

“As for my preparations, there was nothing extra. I trained twice daily except for having more rest closer to the event.”


Nelda Freminot: “It was quite tough as there were a lot of competitors and I had to keep increasing my speed to maintain the gap, especially with the runner-up and third-place finisher. I prepared myself very well for the event and I am lucky to have my husband as training partner since he is also an active participant. I am not surprised with the result since I was well prepared.”


Complete results of the Mahé Crazy challenge 2019



1st Gino Belle 9h19:31.6

2nd Samuel Vidot 9h19:53.6

3rd Gerard Jaomaro 9h51:28

4th Jean Baptiste 11h02:37.6

5th Hillaire Jaomaro 11h46:27.3

6th Kevin Larue 11h51:51.6

7th Kumara Kks sisira 12h52:50.2

8th Jimmy Jacques 12h53:26.1

9th Leonard Andomalala 13h26:02.2

10th Antoine Mondon 14h39:40.5

11th Raymond Florentine 14h55:33.5

12th Danny Louange 15h04:46.4

13th Carlos Payet 15h04:46.4

14th Mervin Elizabeth 15h44:54.2



1st Nelda Freminot 12h52:50.2

2nd Brenda Larue 12h54:44.4

3rd Florise Ernesta 13h16:00.3

4th Maggie Harray 14h52:16.3

5th Zsaklin Miklos 14h52:16.3

6th Samentha William 15h51:30.4


Special Prizes

Oldest man – Jimmy Jacques

Oldest woman – Florise Ernesta

Youngest man – Carlos Payet


Past winners of the Mahé crazy challenge


2004 – Philip Louange

2005 – Gordon and Claude Payet

2006 – Gordon and Claude Payet

2007 – Clifford Edmond

2008 – Claude Payet

2009 – Roy Jean-Baptise

2010 – James Barra

2011 – Hubert Adrienne

2012 – James Barra

2014 – Herbert Adrienne

2015 – Herbert Adrienne

2016 – Gino Belle

2017 – Gerard Jaomaro

2018 – Gerard Jaomaro

2019 – Gino Belle



2005 – Wilna Iman

2006 – Wilna Iman

2007 – Vivienne Vadivelo

2009 – Simon Jaffa

2011 – Maggy Harray

2012 – Maggy Harry

2014 – Maggy Harray

2015 – Anita Amasogno

2016 – Pene Voght

2017 – Pene Vogt

2018 – Corine Rasaonantenaina

2019 – Nelda Freminot


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