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SIT opens its doors to potential students |16 November 2019

SIT opens its doors to potential students

The Seychelles Institute of Technology (SIT) opened its doors yesterday morning to the general public, parents, secondary school students, learners from other professional centres and its partners in the industry at its campus at Providence Industrial Estate.

The theme for the Open Day, ‘SIT in action’, remains the same as it has been over the previous years, to remind all potential learners and the general public that SIT is the professional centre which leads learners to acquire employable practical skills, as well as expertise and understanding in the different domains of engineering, built environment and telecommunications, including renewable energy.

The Open Day is aimed at showcasing the activities that are undertaken at SIT on a normal training day. Visitors had the opportunity to observe practical activities in both the workshops and around the campus by learners on the different programmes.

The day started with an assembly attended by the various secondary school students who had come for the Open Day. Other guests included the principal secretary for tertiary education and human resource development, Dr Linda Barallon, board members of SIT, chief executives from different organisations and parents.

The institute’s director, Hubert Barbe, said that 2019 has been a very exciting year for SIT as they have made a lot of significant achievements.

He added that a new governing board was appointed this year as well as the addition of new staff members.

The principal also noted that more part-time courses are being offered this year and most SIT programmes are Seychelles Qualification Authority (SQA) certified.

“We have also received funding for the acquisition of some new machinery equipment for the mechanical workshop and other workshops and these equipment is now being procured on open tender,” said Mr Barbe.

This year SIT has also set up a research and innovation committee to encourage innovative activities to happen in the workshops.

In 2020 lecturers and learners will also be able to engage in innovative projects and other activities every Friday afternoon of every semester.

Another change SIT will be making next year is the implementation of its new uniform.

After the assembly a tour of the institute was organised for students as well as guests to see what the different departments are doing.

The Open Day also coincided with the SIT job recruitment fair, whereby government ministries, organisations and private businesses were present to recruit SIT students to join their organisations once they graduate.

Some of the organisations present were Seypec, Seychelles Breweries and the Seychelles People’s Defence Forces (SPDF).

Paul-Dina Lajoie, the head of department for mechanical engineering, noted that more and more girls are becoming interested in mechanical engineering. She also stated that the performance of students are well on track as first year students with no prior knowledge of mechanics have excelled throughout the year.

Pemma Marengo, an S4 student from English River secondary, noted that the Open Day has given her a lot to think about when she starts the application process for a post-secondary institution.

The accompanying photographs taken by our photographer Thomas Meriton show some highlights of the Open Day.


Christophe Zialor

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