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School prevention, early intervention and educational awareness programme |09 November 2019

School prevention, early intervention and educational awareness programme

The students in a souvenir photograph with guests after receiving their certificate (Photo: Anel Robert)

60 students successfully complete training


The Everlasting Love Ministry recently completed a school prevention, early intervention and educational awareness programme with some 60 students from three schools.

It concluded with a two-day symposium held at the ICCS on Wednesday.

“This programme started in May with some 60 students in three schools. There were 13 lessons with the theme ‘Undefeated and Unchained’. A full-time staff from our organisation conducted the classes which lasted 45 minutes each. The participants were able to interact with the facilitator and viewed some videos to enhance their learning. Finally 33 students successfully completed the programme,” noted Jude Fred, the executive chairman of the Everlasting Love Ministry.

Mr Fred also said that they have been doing various programmes in schools before, but this one has been more systematic and successful due to the grant they received from the National Grants Committee.

“We are also working with the school counsellors and the parents and some parents even came to us for counselling and advice. We are seeing when there is involvement of parents, there is a change in the attitude of the students,” added Mr Fred.

The programme ended with a two-day symposium under the theme ‘Abuse not my portion’. Some sixty youths from different schools including the 33 participants of the programme took part. They learned about substance abuse, domestic violence and bullying.

“We also talked to them about the dangers of sexually transmitted diseases. There were also group work after each video presentation where the students were asked how they can bring a change in their community. To conclude the symposium the groups enacted two skits putting forth the dangers of drug abuse in the school environment,” said Mr Fred.

“It is a fact that drugs among the youth is a huge problem to deal with. We hope that all stakeholders and the government work together to bring a solution to this. Instead of criticising the work of the NGOs, people should help in looking for funds to have efficient and long lasting programmes. We are hoping that as from next year we will introduce a community based recovery programme for youths and parents if we receive funding,” concluded Mr Fred.

All the 60 students received their certificates at the end of the programme.

The Everlasting Love Ministry’s main objective is to bring love and hope to youths and families of Seychelles. The board and the secretariat is located at the Ocean Gate House, first floor, Room 138 and anybody can contact them on 2781603 .


Vidya Gappy

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