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Hockey: Youth tournament Ex-Bel Eau and Plaisance A winners |02 November 2019

Hockey: Youth tournament     Ex-Bel Eau and Plaisance A winners

Ex-Bel Eau girls’ team

Ex-Bel Eau and Plaisance A are the girls’ and boys’ winners of the youth hockey tournament held at Plaisance secondary school playing field on Wednesday.

The competition organised by the Seychelles Hockey Federation (SHF) was an initiative of past students of the Plaisance secondary school.

The ex-Bel Eau girls’ youth team won the three-team five-a-side league competition while Plaisance A beat Anse Boileau 3-1 in the boys’ seven-a-side final.

Matches in the girl’s league ran for 16 minutes (eight minutes each half) and Ex-Bel Eau beat Anse Boileau 3-2 in the first match before winning against Plaisance on a 2-1 score in the second encounter. Anse Boileau beat Plaisance 2-1 to finish in second position.

In the boy’s category where matches were played over 20 minutes (10 minutes each half), Plaisance A beat Plaisance B 7-0 in pool B, while Anse Boileau won 4-2 over Port Glaud in pool A. In the cross knockout semifinal, Plaisance A edged Port Glaud 2-1 and Anse Boileau beat Plaisance B 3-1.

The trophies and medals for the winners and runners-up were presented by the school’s head teacher Raymonde Lavigne in the presence of the Seychelles Hockey Federation chairperson George Sicobo. She also presented certificates of participation to all players.

During the presentation of prizes for the youth competition, the Seychelles Hockey Federation took the opportunity to reward its best youth athletes for the year 2019. Thirteen-year-old Danisha Jules of Plaisance was voted the best hockey player in the girls’ category, while Dylan Tambara, 14 of Anse Boileau, was awarded as the best hockey player for the boys’ category.

Both Dylan and Danisha said that they expected to win the titles as they have been really showing a lot of commitments in the sport by attending all matches and training courses organised by the SHF.

Dylan and Danisha both started playing hockey at the age of eight years old.

Ex-Bel Eau are the best girls’ hockey youth team for the year 2019 while Plaisance are the runners-up. For the boys, Plaisance A are the best youth hockey team for this year and Anse Boileau are the runners-up.

A competition for primary schools will be held on November 9 at the Astroturf pitch, Roche Caïman.


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