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World Obesity Day |09 March 2024

World Obesity Day

ISS leads charge in promoting healthy lifestyles with innovative activities and community engagement


In an inspiring display of commitment to health and wellness, International School Seychelles (ISS) launched a series of vibrant activities to commemorate World Obesity Day on March 4.

The school community came together to promote healthy living and wellbeing among students, staff, and parents.

This year's World Obesity Day observance at the ISS featured an array of engaging and educational activities designed to inspire and empower the school community. A highlight of the event was the ‘Walk Around the Roche Caiman Fitness Trail’, an invigorating group walk aimed at encouraging physical activity among students and their families. This enjoyable outdoor experience not only fosters a love for exercise but also highlights the beauty of engaging with our natural surroundings.

In addition to physical activities, the school also organised health and nutrition talks, and introduced a delightful culinary twist to the day's celebrations with the organisation of fruit kebabs making sessions. These sessions are not only fun but also educational, teaching students about the importance of fruits in their diet and how to make healthy eating choices in a creative and enjoyable way.

Understanding the role of the school environment in promoting healthy habits, ISS took a significant step by collaborating with parents and the school's tuck shop. Parents were encouraged to send their children to school with healthy snacks, aligning with the day's theme. Meanwhile, the tuck shop rose to the occasion by offering a variety of healthy options, ensuring that students had access to nutritious meals throughout the day.

Reflecting on the importance of the day and the activities organised, the school's principal, Elodie Vallantine, emphasised the connection between the event and the school's core values, stating, “Our commitment to World Obesity Day goes beyond a single event; it is a reflection of our dedication to integrity in all aspects of our lives. By choosing to lead a healthy lifestyle, our students are being true to themselves and those around them, setting a foundation for a brighter, healthier future. A special thank you to members of the School Leadership Team, as well as nurse Angelique Jean Louis, for leading this initiative.”

The school's observance of World Obesity Day with the active participation of the entire school community serves as a beacon of inspiration. It underscores the school's dedication to nurturing not just the mind, but also the body and spirit of its students, fostering an environment where health and wellness are integral to education.

The accompanying photos show some highlights of the activities organised at the ISS to commemorate World Obesity Day.



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