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13th African Games – Accra, Ghana from March 8-23, 2024 |08 March 2024

13th African Games – Accra, Ghana from March 8-23, 2024

First batch of Team Seychelles’ contingent lands in Accra


  • Minister Zialor brings support to local athletes


The first group of athletes, coaches, officials and the medical team making up Team Seychelles at the 13th African Games scheduled for Ghana from March 8-23, 2024 landed in Accra, Ghana yesterday, along with Minister for Youth, Sports and Family Marie-Celine Zialor, who, other than representing the government at the Games’ official opening this afternoon, is also here to bring her support to the local athletes.

Among the athletes to first land in Ghana yesterday were the judokas, swimmers, as well as our women’s volleyball national side.

They were welcomed by chef de mission Lucas Georges, who along with his team has been in Ghana for the past days for logistic purposes.

Speaking to Sports NATION, Mr Georges explained that despite many delegations have arrived in Ghana, a lot remains to be done in terms of logistics especially for the smooth running of the sports activities.

It is the University of Ghana which is being used as the Games Village and the Seychelles delegation is based on the first floor of the Jean Nelson Aka Hall./

At the 13th African Games, Seychelles is being represented by a contingent of 60, with athletes competing in track and field athletics, boxing, swimming, judo, volleyball and weightlifting.

The 13th African Games were previously scheduled to take place in August 2023, but due to economic problems, delays in preparations, and issues between shareholders, they were moved to 2024.

Three Ghanaian cities, namely Kumasi, Accra, and Cape Coast will host the Games, making it only the second to be decentralised in history.



Seychelles’ delegation at the 13th African Games


Athletics: Sharry Dodin, Caleb Vadivello, Iven Moïse, Don Wirtz, Janosh Moncherry, Denzel Adem, Dylan Sicobo, Neil Azemia, Natasha Chetty (athletes), Giovanni Fanny, Joseph Volcy (officials)

Boxing: Shain Boniface, Joshua Cousin, Jovanie Bouzin, Dasheil Fanchette, Mohamed William, Arshild David, Keddy Agnes (athletes), Gerry Legras, Rival Payet, Roland Raforme (officials)

Judo: Amandah Payet, Cheryl Marie, Murella Crea, Paris Loze, Nigel Quilindo, Ashley Paul, Alexander Quilindo, Dominic Dugasse, Jamison Dick, Nantenaina Finesse (athletes), Calix Cesar, Nady Jeanne, Ravi Valmont, Terry Mothée, Brigitte Cesar (officials)

Swimming: Keira Berlouis, Dorianne Bristol, Aaliyah Palestrini, Amos Ferley, Nathan Nagapin, Thierry Payet, Damien Payet, Simon Bachmann, Adam Moncherry, Joshua Miller (athletes), Shane Mangroo, Julio Smith, Hilda Khan (officials)

Volleyball: Nayeli Etienne, Camilla Francourt, Tania Solin, Manuela Monthy, Hilary Nourrice, Angelique Adeline, Vanita Rose, Petrina Victor, Catrina Simon, Natifa Marengo, Dania Hoareau (players), Julien Onezime, Ernest Bonnelame, Henrico Ernesta (officials)

Weightlifting: Clementina Agricole (athlete), Reginald Estro (official)

Medical: Martin Rodriguez Barrios, Julie Shamlaye, Joselle Labrosse, Gracie Nartey, Ihsan Nagi, Venessa Herminie, Suzane Agathine, Jostel Desnousse, Douglas Pierre, Beryl Naiken

Administration: Paul Denis, Jennifer Bonne

Secretariat: Steve Hoareau, Dominic Pillay, Ruddy Joseph, Maria Dailoo, Lisette Nolin, Maryila Dorlin

Media: Andy Henriette, Vitana Gabriel, Roland Duval

Dignitaries: Minister Marie-Celine Zialor, Sharon Thelemaque-Ernesta, Ghislaine Belmont

Chef de mission: Lucas Georges


Text and photos: Roland Duval in Accra






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