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World and Africa Aquatics integrity units acknowledge the legitimacy of the SAF |26 February 2024

Following several posts on social media and other enquiries from two local clubs, the World Aquatics and Africa Aquatics integrity units have officially confirmed the legitimacy of the Seychelles Aquatics Federation as the only legitimate local body to oversee and administer the sport of swimming in the country.

Elected last year and promised to promote the development of aquatic sports in Seychelles for fitness, leisure and competition, the Seychelles Aquatics Federation (SAF) headed by Muriel Morgan replaced the defunct Seychelles Swimming Association (SSA) headed by David Vidot and which was struck off by the Office of the Registrar General for non-compliance.

The SAF was elected more than eight months after it was officially recognised by the Office of the Registrar General in January last year, during a special meeting headed by the chairperson adjudicatory body World Aquatics integrity unit Raymond Hack, who is also the chairperson of the integrity committee of Africa Aquatics, and attorney-at-law Elvis Chetty who was mediating the issue.

Other than Mrs Morgan, its other members are Antoine Onezime (vice-chairman), Eliza Moïse, Dwayne Didon, Julia Monnaie, Collette Labushagne, Faruk Jean-Jean-Baptiste (ordinary members).

The posts of treasurer and secretary will be finalised once all the official formalities are completed since they will be employed by the SAF, instead of being voted in.

In a statement, Mr Hack noted that, in reference to emails received from two local clubs related to Seychelles swimming, insofar as the Africa Aquatics and the World Aquatics are concerned, this matter has been finalised some time ago, and the Registrar of Associations has already issued the relevant certificate.

For the sake of clarity, Mr Hack reminded the clubs that elections were duly held under the chairmanship of Mr Chetty, wherein the writer was present, and where the constitution and the duly elected members of the new association were confirmed.

He said the comments relating to the SAF not being recognised by Africa Aquatics or World Aquatics were made prior to the start of the last meeting, and the writer advised that the application which had previously been made by Mrs Muriel Morgan to the Registrar was not recognised. 

He, however, added that, after the elections chaired by Mr Chetty at which the writer was present personally, the onus was upon the new body to present the constitution which was accepted by the meeting, to the Registrar, and thereafter to apply for the relevant authority.

Mr Hack further noted that, to his understanding, this was duly done and that Mrs Morgan in her capacity as elected chairperson, was authorised to present all necessary information to the Registrar, and accordingly, once this process was completed the newly elected body of Seychelles swimming was accepted by both Africa Aquatics and World Aquatics, while Mrs Morgan on behalf of the new body attended the extraordinary special general meeting of Africa Aquatics in Doha.

For the record, he added, he finds it strange that parties who attended the meeting and who did not wish to be nominated to the new executive committee, are now querying the status of the new body.

“I would again appeal to all concerned, to put their personal feelings aside and allow the sport of swimming in the Seychelles, to flourish,” concluded Mr Hack.



Compiled by Roland Duval

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