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CWS restores connections and looks forward to the Providence Branch reopening |24 February 2024

CWS restores connections and looks forward to the Providence Branch reopening

The CWS halls on the second floor (Photo: Contributed)

As Cable & Wireless Seychelles gears up for the reopening of its Providence customer service centre following the disastrous effects of the tragedies which occurred on December 7, 2023, the team have demonstrated resilience in the face of adversity.

In the aftermath of the events that struck our community, chaos ensued, and communication lines were impacted. Cable & Wireless Seychelles (CWS), understanding the urgency of the situation, immediately activated its disaster response protocol.

The technical team, comprising killed professionals, quickly mobilised to assess the damage and initiate the restoration process of victims around Cascade, Petit Paris, Providence and those in north Mahe.

In addition, the telecommunications provider has been working closely with business customers who were also impacted to ascertain that businesses and operations continue to function effectively following the incident within a fast-response time to ensure that crucial communications continue.

Understanding that many of these customers had to relocate, CWS’ technical team implemented a relocation support programme. This initiative involved efficiently transferring services to new addresses and minimising disruptions for customers who were already dealing with the stress of displacement.

The team worked hand in hand with affected individuals, offering personalised support and guidance throughout the relocation process.

“We are proud of the unwavering commitment of our field, line plant, and operations teams who have worked night and day to play an invaluable role in restoration efforts. Their dedication and expertise were pivotal in expediting the restoration process, allowing affected residents to regain access to essential communication services promptly,” stated Georges D’offay, chief executive of CWS.

“We also owe special thanks to our customers, whose patience and resilience made a successful recovery possible,” he added.

As an essential service provider, CWS recognises the importance of the role that it plays in the telecommunications market of Seychelles. In line with one of its core strategic objectives to continuously enhance customer experience, CWS has remained committed to being one of the services that can be counted on during a challenging time.

The company would like to assure customers that its Providence Branch will soon be reopening and further details will be communicated; and that other offices which were located at Sunshine House, Providence, have now been relocated to Espace Building, Ile du Port.

Mr D’offay mentioned that the CWS team looks forward to the reopening and welcoming customers at both Providence and Espace. CWS would like to thank customers for their patience and understanding during this time.



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