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Auspitious’ journey to success |17 February 2024

Auspitious’ journey to success

Auspitious (second left) poses for a souvenir photo after collecting his prize for most chart entry in the male category with six songs during the SBC Paradise FM Music Awards (Photo: Dione Renaud)

Aaron Arokeum, well known as Auspitious, has made a name for himself in the Seychelles music industry.

The 27-year-oldd artist’s effort was recently recognised at the Cable Tunes Music Awards 2023 and the SBC Paradise FM Music Awards.

Auspitious won the Best Album award for ‘Segonn Natir’ and Best Male Artist prize in the Cable Tunes Music Awards 2023.

He also collected prizes for the Most Chart Entry in the male category with six songs and Public Appreciation for his song ‘Woman’ that enjoyed an 18-week run on the weekly Paradise FM Chart.

These awards serve as testament to the journey of a young artist who has tirelessly honed his crafts to achieve excellence.

In an interview with Seychelles NATION newspaper, Auspitious said he was not able to attend the Cable Tunes Award but thanked the organisers for recognising him.

“I would like to thank them as they are always supporting local artists,” said Auspitious, who also expressed his happiness as all his hard work was not in vain.

He was also amazed for having won best album, something which he said was extraordinary in the music industry, as it is very rare for young artists to be chosen for the best album award.  

“Most of the artists who win the best album award have been in the industry for years,” said Auspitious.

Beyond the glamour of awards, Auspitious’ success story is deeply rooted in his unwavering commitment to his art. His journey which started eight years ago, has led to the release of two albums titled ‘Demontre sa ki ou merite’ in 2019 and ‘Segonn Natir’ in late 2022.

Auspitious’ most popular project ‘Segonn Natir’ played a pivotal role in securing all his awards. This endeavour began during the Covid-19 pandemic and was completed within 15 months. The back story of ‘Segonn Natir’ is mainly about every day struggles in the community.

“There were some hurdles along the way, especially with regard to finance,” explained the artist. Furthermore, the album was a live project something that the artist has never done before. We had a drummer from Praslin, and we had to pay extra expenses such as housing, he explained.

In 2023, the artist did three concerts at the ICCS, Baie St Anne and Backstage. “It is important to note that I had no sponsors for my shows, and all of them were sold out,” added Auspitious.

Auspitious has been a full time artist for the last four years. “For me it was a great decision,” claimed the singer, refuting the idea that you cannot make a living entirely on music, as it worked out perfectly for him.

In 2022, on the advice of his manager, he took a big step and travelled to Mauritius to promote his music. They did so without sponsors. They also did two tours in Rodrigues in August and November 2022, alongside other local names such as Richie B, Tania and Ion Kid.

While on those outings, Auspitious learned new things in terms of production, marketing strategies as well as stage performance. He also got the chance to promote his music on national television and radios. “For me it was a great experience and I could see the difference between Seychelles and Mauritius and where we could improve.”

Auspitious is also part of a new music label named ‘Dynamic Production’, which is still under development. At present it features only Ion Kid and himself.

For 2024, he wants to keep his projects as a surprise for his fans.

Additionally, he wants to engage more with his fans to know what they expect and like, so he would know what to come up with and improve as well.

Auspitious has thanked his team ‘Dynamic Production’, DJ Slam, his producer Ion Kid, all musicians who collaborated with him on his albums, family, friends, sponsors and loyal fans.


Anika Cathene

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