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ISS deepens commitment to community with heartwarming event at President's Village |09 February 2024

ISS deepens commitment to community with heartwarming event at President's Village

The International School Seychelles proudly continued its tradition of community engagement as a group of dedicated staff and compassionate year 6 pupils spent an enriching day at the President's Village.

The event, a testament to the school's commitment to its motto ‘You are not born for yourself, but for the world’, showcased the embodiment of International School Seychelles (ISS) values, especially the spirit of community.

Staff and students of ISS immersed themselves in meaningful interactions with the residents of the orphanage, fostering connections and creating lasting memories. The day was filled with team-building games, shared meals, and laughter, reinforcing the bond between ISS and the President's Village.

ISS expresses sincere gratitude to the staff at the President's Village for opening their doors once again, allowing the school to contribute positively to the lives of the children. This event marked the continuation of a collaborative partnership that has been thriving for the past three years. Through various joint initiatives, ISS and the President's Village have consistently worked towards creating a nurturing environment for the children and promoting the values of compassion and community.

Elodie Vallantine, principal of International School Seychelles, shared her thoughts on the event, saying "At International School Seychelles, we believe in shaping responsible global citizens. Our engagement with the President's Village is an embodiment of our commitment to instill in our students the values of empathy, compassion, and community service. We are grateful for the warm welcome extended by the President's Village and cherish the opportunity to make a positive impact on the lives of these children."

In a touching gesture of appreciation, the President's Village presented a token of gratitude to the ISS staff and pupils. Moreover, they extended their condolences and solidarity by gifting ISS with a candle, to be lit in memory of Hannah André, a cherished member of the ISS community.

The collaborative efforts between ISS and the President's Village exemplify the power of partnership and underscore the importance of collective responsibility in building a stronger, more compassionate society.

ISS remains committed to fostering such connections and looks forward to continued collaboration with the President's Village and other community partners in the years to come.

ISS celebrates its 55th anniversary in 2024, emphasising its position as the longest running private school in the country. In line with its motto ‘You are not born for yourself, but for the world’, the school has planned 55 acts of giving throughout 2024, making a difference outside of the school community. This was act of giving number 2 out of 55.







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