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Constance Ephelia Seychelles: 9 years of sustainability innovation |05 February 2024

Constance Ephelia Seychelles: 9 years of sustainability innovation

Constance Ephelia Mahe Seychelles was recently recertified for the ninth consecutive year. The five-star resort represents the cornerstone of sustainable tourism in Seychelles and was first certified by Green Globe in 2014.

Constance Ephelia Seychelles enjoys a unique location set within 120 hectares of land with luxuriant and rare vegetation, situated on two of the most beautiful beaches on the island of Mahé overlooking the Marine National Park of Port Launay and the Morne Seychellois National Park.


Sustainability strategy

Constance Ephelia adheres to a comprehensive sustainability management plan that includes innovative green ideas developed on the island. The focus has been to minimise environmental impacts on the neighboring environment by following an energy, water and waste management plan that enhances operational efficiency.

Staff also strive to improve communication of the resort’s sustainability practices through conducting campaigns that encourage employees and guests to follow best practices.

Constance Ephelia’s waste management programme includes recycling of plastic and glass bottles, scrap metal and batteries, aluminium cans, electronic waste, coffee capsules and used cooking oil. The hotel collaborates with Food Intel Tech, a food waste monitoring solution for commercial kitchens, to track and reduce food waste.

Great efforts are made to tackle food waste at the property and an interesting new idea has been introduced with the sale of chicken bones and fish head waste to generate revenue. In addition, some of the food refuse is collected by a farmer and fed to pigs on the island while vegetable remains are segregated and fed to a family of Aldabra giant tortoises. Guests are also welcome to participate in the tortoise feeding.

To eliminate the use of plastic bottles, the resort has established an in-house glass water bottling plant that supplies drinking water for guests. Furthermore, glass bottled water from a local supplier now provides drinking water in restaurants and minibars in place of previously used plastic bottles. This initiative has substantially reduced the amount of used plastic bottles by approximately 500,000 per year.

Another focus has been on eliminating single use plastic items such as straws, take away containers, room amenities, refillable dispensers, room keycards, carrier bags and packaging materials. Plastic items have been replaced with biodegradable materials such as bagasse, stone paper or PLA plastic.

Compostable laundry bags and grass mat slippers for the guest rooms were recently introduced as well.


Mangrove management plan

Over the years, Constance Ephelia has collaborated with community partners to improve the management of biodiversity within the resort and areas surrounding it.

In line with the resort’s mangrove rehabilitation programme, the Mangrove Sweetness project was launched.

Mangrove Sweetness is named after the honey produced by bees from the flowers of the mangroves at the resort’s Ramsar site. It is the first ever mangrove honey produced in Seychelles. The aim of the project is to have a regenerative impact on the ecosystem through a unique approach in beekeeping that inspires, empowers, creates value and connects with nature. Bees pollinate native flowers in the mangroves that has resulted in the mangrove area becoming more dense and healthier than before. The community also plays a vital role in mangrove honey production as the resort closely liaises with the local bee-keeping association for guidance and purchasing of bee-keeping equipment.

Constance Ephelia supports various environmental and social initiatives to enhance regional development. In 2012, the resort implemented a project entitled Community based Management of the Port Launay Mangrove Ramsar site in Seychelles as part of its mangrove management plan. The project was conducted in collaboration with the Port Glaud Environment Club, the local non-governmental organisation (NGO) Sustainability for Seychelles, and Mangroves for the Future (MFF). In 2020, a new collaboration started with Nature Seychelles to implement another project entitled ‘Enhancing coastal and marine socio-ecological resilience and biodiversity conservation in the Western Indian Ocean’ also known as Locally Empowered Area Protection (LEAP).

With numerous biodiversity initiatives taking place, many students visit the hotel each year for environmental educational tours and workshops with community members which includes planting mangrove seeds. Planted seeds are monitored in the nursery and several sample plots have been established within the wetland to monitor transplanted saplings. This assists scientific research into mangrove propagation and rehabilitation particularly in relation to the growth and survival rate of the seven different mangrove species growing in a specific area in the Seychelles.


Seychelles traditions

The incorporation of local culture is integral to the hotel’s sustainability plans. Constance Ephelia uses elements of local art, architecture or cultural heritage in its architecture and promotes creole cuisine and traditional handicrafts created by local artisans and musicians. Guests are invited to experience the local culture and traditions in Creole themed evenings offering a taste of authentic Seychellois cuisine prepared with locally sourced products served against a backdrop of local live music and the chance to enjoy the resort’s locally made rum – Takamaka Bay the Constance edition.


About Green Globe Certification

Green Globe is the worldwide sustainability system based on internationally accepted criteria for sustainable operation and management of travel and tourism businesses. Operating under a worldwide license, Green Globe is based in California, USA and is represented in over 83 countries. Green Globe is an Affiliate Member of the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO).






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