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Au Cap primary school celebrates Education week |30 January 2024

Au Cap primary school celebrates Education week

Au Cap primary school commemorated Education Week yesterday by inviting parents to join their children at school for a book activity.

The event’s theme was ‘Multicultural World Book Day’ and took place at the school’s library from 1pm onwards.

The activity was launched by head teacher, Kathleen Samson and included a short reflection on the importance of books by teachers Rose-May Belle and Mariona Ah-kong.

One of the parents, Ineese Salomon, also stressed on the importance of reading, while Agnes Melanie conducted a story telling session about a little boy named Paul who consumed an expired drink as he was unable to read, and ended up in hospital.

The school’s head teacher Kathleen Samson stated that the activity’s aim was to get parents and other partners to become more engaged in school life.

 “Becoming engaged does not only mean attending meetings and coming to open days. This activity also serves to give parents better insight in supporting and promoting reading,” she said.

Speaking to Seychelles NATION at the end of the activity, Mrs Samson said it was successful on its first attempt and expressed satisfaction at the parents’ turnout.

Yesterday’s event also included a donation of books and presentation of a token of appreciation to one of the parents who has always been supportive towards the school’s activities.

One parent stated that she was happy with the initiative and saw it as a way to follow her child’s progress. She also encouraged other parents to remain engaged in their child’s development.

The activity ended with one-on-one reading sessions by parents and their kids so they could monitor the latter’s progress.

The accompanying photos show some key moments of this event.


Anika Cathene

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