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Ellipsis sailing the high seas to success |17 January 2024

Ellipsis sailing the high seas to success

Earlier this year, Seychelles welcomed Ellipsis, the first and largest online boat rental platform, providing visitors with seamless access to the vast seas surrounding the islands.

Developed by Seychellois entrepreneur Devyn Sharpe, the platform has rapidly gained popularity among both local operators and tourists seeking the perfect blend of sea, sand, and sunshine.

Since its launch, a growing number of operators have been using Ellipsis, with additions on a regular basis. Having completed his A-levels in the UK in mid-2023, Devyn made the decision to move to Seychelles, to focus on expanding the business. Since his arrival, he has been actively promoting Ellipsis, personally reaching out to operators to encourage them to sign up.

Seyscapes, a company offering luxury accommodation options and yacht charters, is one of the local businesses taking advantage of the opportunity to further increase their visibility and bookings through Ellipsis. Owner Edwin Adrienne said his company has five boats listed on the platform.

“I think Devyn’s idea is great and everybody needs to support it. It is a platform that we need as it is Seychelles-based. It is generating interest,” Mr Adrienne told Seychelles NATION.

Up until now, the platform's international clientele, predominantly from the UK and Europe but also including visitors from the United States and the United Arab Emirates, has grown organically, primarily through Instagram and Facebook social media marketing.


Sailing around Seychelles

To Devyn, an avid sea lover, tourists who visit Seychelles and do not go out to explore the seas and rich marine life are missing out on incredible experiences.

Devyn and his family are adding five new boats to their personal fleet on Ellipsis, with the aim of making boat hire more affordable and accessible, by addressing the market demand for bareboat charters and including a range of budget friendly boats. This unique service allows qualified individuals to rent a boat and take charge of sailing it.

Many European visitors have sailing and powerboat qualifications and will be able to benefit from the bareboat charters, providing an opportunity to explore Seychelles from a different perspective. Devyn told Seychelles NATION: “It is about making luxury experiences easily accessible at reasonable prices.”


Venturing beyond boat charters

“I want it to be the repository of everything to do in Seychelles,” Devyn added.

Beyond boat charters, the platform now features a diverse range of experiences, such as snorkelling, fishing, hiking tours, cruises, yacht parties, diving, and island tours.

Operators create and manage their listings, with the freedom to set their own prices, and maintain full control over bookings. Listing available accommodation, boats and experiences is free of charge, with Ellipsis. Devyn told Seychelles NATION that the company earns a small commission from each booking which is “one of the lowest in the industry”.

Ellipsis handles payments and pays operators after the bookings are complete, providing consumer protection and peace of mind to all users. Unlike existing large foreign platforms, Ellipsis pays out to Seychelles based bank accounts.

The platform enables clients to browse, book and pay for their desired adventure online. Live chat between clients and operators is also available to streamline the booking and payment process.


Environmental conservation

In addition to promoting local businesses, Ellipsis is committed to environmental conservation. Through a partnership with the Seychelles Parks and Gardens Authority (SPGA), Devyn hopes to donate marine mooring buoys to the St Anne Marine Park to protect coral reefs, contributing to ongoing coral restoration efforts.

Devyn emphasised that Ellipsis is committed to responsible tourism and preserving Seychelles’ pristine environment.

“That is one of the ways for us to give back. We take a lot from nature, and it is important that we preserve our paradise for future generations. We cannot just use it and not give back, one day it might be too late to change course. It is really important to me that we start now and protect our natural environment,” he said.


Laura Pillay



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