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SLA tests pilot version of digital drivers’ license |21 December 2023

SLA tests pilot version of digital drivers’ license

(L to r) Mr Antat ASP Jean and Ms Diallo during the interview

The Seychelles Licensing Authority (SLA) is in the process of testing a digital driver’s license.

SLA’s chief executive, Ronny Antat, announced the launch of the pilot project in a recent interview at the organisation’s headquarters in Victoria.

He was accompanied by Assistant Superintendent, Marcus Jean and Nafissatou Diallo, director Software Development section at the Department of Information Communications Technology.

Mr Antat said the purpose of a digital driving license programme is for citizens who often forget their physical driving licenses. This will allow them to have it on their persons at all times, as it will be on their phones. It is also in line with Seychelles’ digitalisation plan.

“During the pilot stage we will be able to gather feedback from the public, in preparation for its official launch next year, to mark SLA’s 40th anniversary,” said Mr Antat.

For his part, ASPJean said the police have welcomed the move as many motorists are regularly caught without their license during spot checks. Since it is a pilot project, he is advising drivers to have their physical license at all times.

“Since the law states you should always carry your license, what is being introduced will benefit mostly drivers who have various vehicles and then to misplace or forget their licenses,” said ASP Jean.

Ms Diallo said the digital driving license will be accessible through play store or app store. “The pilot phase will allow us to get feedback since it is a new product. DICT will also be able to check for any glitches and ensure there is no fake on the market as well as get the public’s feedback.” No date has been set for the official launch.


Kassey Govinden

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