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Skychef Servair opens new café at STC Hypermarket |18 December 2023

Skychef Servair opens new café at STC Hypermarket

Skychef Servair, the airline catering business based at the Seychelles International Airport, has opened a new café at the STC Hypermarket.

The soft launch of the Skychef Servair Café took place on Saturday morning in the presence of the chief executive of the Seychelles Trading Company, Siana Bistoquet; the chief executive of Skychef Servair, Veronique Laporte; the chairman of the board of Skychef Servair, Captain David Savy; partners; guests and staff of the café.

The Skychef Servair has taken over from the STC Café which had occupied the area since the opening of the Hypermarket. 

Speaking to the media, Ms Laporte said that Skychef Servair was lucky to have been successful in the STC tender and thanked STC for this opportunity that will allow the catering business to extend its services to the public outside the airport. 

She said since Skychef Servair is a commercial kitchen operating catering primarily to airlines, and secondly to non-airline entities, all of the food products on the menu being served at the café will be similar to those being served for airlines and at their other outlets.

The catering business presently runs ‘Café Paradiso’ at the departure lounge, ‘Seybar’ at the airport terminal, the Skychef Shop adjacent to the Skychef building, and a small outlet at the Independence House.

Ms Laporte added that since it is a halal certified food processing company for airlines, the café will not offer any non-halal food on the menu. This is because all food being offered at the café are prepared through high food safety standards and regulations at the airport and are fresh when brought to the café to be served daily, she explained.

The menu for breakfast will include tea, great coffee, scrumptious bakery items, and hot breakfast option such as eggs, sausages, baked beans and hash brown. The lunch and dinner services will include a range of affordable, fresh, preservatives-free delicious flavour-rich ‘sous vides’ meals, guaranteed by high nutritional and gustative qualities.

“The café will also serve mouthwatering options for desserts and our health-conscious customers will also have various options, including a variety of salads and protein meals,” added Ms Laporte. 

She noted the café will go into further embellishment and décor later on, as some of their partners were unable to deliver on time given the recent happenings in the country.

On her part, Mrs Bistoquet said STC has decided to lease the café, so it can focus on its core mandate.

“At STC, we are not in the restaurant and café business. We are in the business of importing food and to make them available and affordable for the people. It is easier for someone else to run the café while we concentrate on our core mandate,” said Mrs Bistoquet.

She confirmed that Skychef Servair was the sole applicant for the tender.

The café will be opened during the opening hours of the STC Hypermarket Monday to Sunday and it will offer breakfast from 8am to 10.30am, lunch from 11.30 am to 1.30pm and dinner from 4pm until closedown of the hypermarket.


Text & photos by Patrick Joubert




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