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Maurilait launches ‘La Petite Fleur’ in Seychelles |21 October 2019

Maurilait launches ‘La Petite Fleur’ in Seychelles

Yoplait yoghurts are now produced in Seychelles by Maurilait Seychelles Ltd

Good news for all amateurs of fresh yoghurt! Now Yoplait yoghurts are produced in Seychelles by Maurilait Seychelles Ltd. The company launched its dairy production plant in Seychelles early September.

Maurilait Seychelles Ltd, located in the industrial area of Providence on Mahé, operates under the international franchise Yoplait. Maurilait Production Ltée, established in Mauritius since 1976 and member of the Eclosia Group, partenered with Seychellois stakeholders to set up Maurilait Seychelles Ltd.

Maurilait Seychelles Ltd employs 18 people. The plant, which required an initial investment of 37 MSCR, is equipped with modern equipment specifically designed for the production of fresh yoghurt and yoghurt drinks. Contrary to long life dairy products, the new locally made Yoplait yoghurts contain live and active cultures, which constitute a fresh yoghurt recommended for good digestion and immune function.

Yoghurt pots will be available in containers of 125g. As an innovation and being aware of the importance of sustainable environment in Seychelles, the yoghurt pots are being launched in a recyclable carton packaging.

Maurilait has been attentive to the needs and tastes of the local market and the whole product concept has actually been worked out in collaboration with Seychellois consumers.

Fruit yoghurts are produced under the brand ‘Panier de Yoplait’ with fruit pieces of strawberry, tropical fruits or litchis.

“We also have vanilla yoghurt and plain and sweetened yoghurts. The plant also produces four flavoured drinking yoghurts under the brand ‘Yop’ (strawberry, mango, fruit and cereals and vanilla), says Caroline Rault, general manager of Maurilait Production Ltd, Mauritius.

Maurilait and Yoplait guarantee the quality of the products at all stages of manufacture and delivery, ensuring a proper cold chain up to the retailer. The factory is equipped with a laboratory where analysis and quality control are carried out on a day-to-day basis. To ensure sanitary safety, Maurilait Seychelles provides a traceability system from the supplier to the customers. As for any fresh product, the storage and usage instructions are clearly stated on each pot.

“In line with our vision as a regional partner, we are pleased to offer Seychellois consumers the freshness and quality of Yoplait products ‘Proudly made in Seychelles’,” says Ms Rault.

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