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Arid’s message on the International Human Rights Day |11 December 2023

‘We must all work together towards the promotion of human rights’


“Human Rights Day celebrated on December 10 is an annual commemoration of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, adopted by the UN General Assembly in 1948.

“This year marks the 75th anniversary of one of the world's most important declarations, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which stipulates the inalienable rights that everyone is entitled to as a human being and we are also celebrating the 25th anniversary of the UN Declaration on Human Rights Defenders.

“To commemorate this day, the Association for Rights, Information and Democracy (Arid) is calling on everyone to reflect on the importance of the ‘Universal Declaration of Human Rights’ and in particular the challenges that our country is facing in ensuring full adherence to the principles of human rights protection.

“Despite the improvements made in upholding human rights, there are still areas where Arid strongly feels that the government should consider immediate remedial action. There is an urgent need to address issues relating to abuse of power such as excessive use of force, harassment and intimidation by a few police officers and some members of the state security. Such unscrupulous behaviour by law enforcement officers is a violation of human rights. Arid calls on the newly created Public Order and Tactical Response Unit (P0TRU) to discharge its functions with the highest level of professionalism and with respect to the human rights principles.

“Arid also calls on the government to repeal the (Tenth Amendment) Act 2022 which the President assented to in June last year. Arid is totally against this amendment.

“Arid has observed an increase in the number of cases relating to abuse and ill treatment of migrant workers in Seychelles and the lack of effective mechanisms in addressing this issue and lack of investigation and accountability for gender-based violence.

“All institutions, entities, civil society and individuals must work towards the promotion of human rights. There is a need to review the existing regulation governing the Human Rights Commission and as we embark on the electioneering Arid calls on politicians to promote a culture of tolerance and respect for the rights and dignity of everyone in line with the theme of 2023 Human Rights Day, ‘Freedom, Equality and Justice for All’.”


Press release from Arid


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