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Community, leisure and sports for all: Mahé Crazy Challenge 2023 |01 December 2023

Community, leisure and sports for all: Mahé Crazy Challenge 2023

Defending champions of the Mahé Crazy Challenge Noah Chilidra and Brenda Larue

Over 50 contestants expected on the starting line


Until yesterday afternoon, over 50 contestants had already registered for this year’s Mahé Crazy which will take place tomorrow, starting at 6am at Stad Popiler.

One of the toughest local challenges, the event is being hosted by the community, leisure and sports for all unit within the National Sports Council (NSC).

For tomorrow’s crazy challenge, the contestants will leave Stad Popiler and head up North via Anse Etoile, Glacis, Beau Vallon and Bel Ombre, before climbing up the Anse Major trail and head to Port Launey, via Cap Ternay, before heading to Anse Boileau and head downtown, going through Baie Lazare, Takamaka, Anse Royale, Au Cap, Anse Aux Pins, Pointe Larue, before taking the Providence Highway to finish at Stad Popiler.

The time limit set to complete the challenge is 15 hours, and according to the director of the community, leisure and sports for all unit, Francis Remie, once on the highway, bonus will be awarded to the contestants, allowing them to complete the challenge.

Mr Remie made it clear that any contestant who does not reach the highway within the given time limit will be picked.

He however explained that, those on the highway within the 15 hours limit will be allowed to continue.

First organised in 2004, the challenge’s first winner was Philip Louange who clocked 14 hours and 30 minutes (14h30).

After different times were registered during the following challenges, it was in 2012 that James Barra set a new record – 8h52:09 – which is yet to be broken.

In the women’s category, the event’s record – 11h41:44 – belongs to Pene Vogt, set in 2017, breaking that of the late Simone Jaffa – 12h23:56 – set in 2010.

In last year’ challenge, it was Noah Chilidra who finished first in 9h01:37, finishing ahead of regular participant, Malagasy Gerard Jaomaro who clocked 10h12:05 to finish second, climbing one step in the ranking, after finishing third in 2019.

Keven Larue finished third overall in 10h20:39, while Greth Estico was fourth overall in 11h07:48, with Sisira Kumara finishing fifth in 11h09:41.

In the women’s challenge, Brenda Larue who finished second in the previous challenge clocked 12h13:45 to finish first, ahead of Anita Amasogno who was second in 12h25:19.

Zsaklin Miklos finished third overall in 14h04:30, finishing ahead of 2019 challenge winner Nelda Freminot who this time finished fourth in 14h12:29.


Past winners of the Mahé crazy challenge



2004 – Philip Louange


2005 – Gordon and Claude Payet


2006 – Gordon and Claude Payet


2007 – Clifford Edmond


2008 – Claude Payet


2009 – Roy Jean-Baptise


2010 – James Barra


2011 – Herbert Adrienne


2012 – James Barra


2014 – Herbert Adrienne


2015 – Herbert Adrienne


2016 – Gino Belle


2017 – Gerard Jaomaro


2018 – Gerard Jaomaro


2019 – Gino Belle


2022 – Noah Chilidra





2005 – Wilna Iman


2006 – Wilna Iman


2007 – Vivienne Vadivelo


2010: Simone Jaffa


2011 – Maggy Harray


2012 – Maggy Harry


2014 – Maggy Harray


2015 – Anita Amasogno


2016 – Pene Voght


2017 – Pene Vogt


2018 – Corine Rasaonantenaina


2019 – Nelda Freminot


2022 – Brenda Larue



Compiled by Roland Duval

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