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Cycling |20 November 2023


Jean-Yves Souyave and Jahdel Gabriel will spend one month at the World Cycling Centre in Western Cape

Two local cyclists on South African training camp


  •           Jayden Sinon best rider for 2023


As part of its development programme to identify and promote talents, thus producing the next generation of riders, l’Union Cycliste des Seychelles sent two local riders on a month-long training camp, while Jayden Sinon has been named as the best cyclist for 2023.

The two cyclists, Jahdel Gabriel and Jean-Yves Souyave, will be based at the World Cycling Centre in Western Cape.

Gabriel has been selected based on recommendations made by the cycling centre following his good performance during a previous training camp earlier during the year, while Souyave has been awarded the opportunity based on his great performances during the season.

Souyave said the training camp is the perfect opportunity for him to prepare for next season, both at local, an international level.

He said despite his good performance during the season, he feels that as an athlete, he still has more to offer and the South African trip is the ideal opportunity for him to better prepare himself for next year, especially for international competitions.

He added that as a cyclist, he needs to train constantly, even off-season, if he wants to maintain, and also to gradually improve his performances.

Souyave also noted that as from next season, it will be important for local cyclists to show their counterparts from other countries that they are contenders, and not only participants at races.

As for Gabriel, he noted that the training camp will be the perfect opportunity for him to continue to build on what has already learned and practiced at the centre, so that he can keep improving and grow as a cyclist.

Commenting on the 2023 season, chairman of l’Union Cycliste des Seychelles, Ahmad Arissol, said, overall, it has been a really good year, thanks to the support received from several individuals and organisations, enabling them to host 27 races, including several mini-tours and the national championship.

He said they will build up on the same momentum next year, attracting more sponsors, pushing more athletes forward through different available opportunities, especially those who show enthusiasm, along with good performance.

He said, compared to the previous governing body which prevented athletes from moving forward, focusing rather on their personal gain, l’Union Cycliste des Seychelles is all about pushing athletes forward, especially those with potentials.

Local cyclists also competed at several international competitions, including the IXes Jeux de la Francophonie in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the 11th Indian Ocean Islands Games (IOIG) in Madagascar, and Tour Maurice.


Roland Duval

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