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Local talent pulls out of The Voice Africa |13 November 2023

Local talent pulls out of The Voice Africa

Renowned local singer Clive Camille, who was the only remaining Seychelles’ artist in the continental singing competition dubbed The Voice Africa, has left the contest, citing “unfavorable competing conditions and unreasonable delays”, among many issues encountered during his one-month stay in Nigeria.

In a post on ‘Clive des Seychelles’, his artist’s facebook page, late yesterday, Clive wrote that he had decided to withdraw his participation after spending four weeks in Lagos, Nigeria. The artist was the only one from Seychelles who had qualified for the ‘Knockout’ stage of the competition and left Seychelles on October 12, for the filming of the episodes. He was told that production would start between October 15 and 17, but there might be some delays.

“I was not expecting a 30+ days delay where I was doing nothing and left idle in a hotel room,” stated Clive, adding that his visa was expiring on November 11, and there was suggestion by the production company to renew his visa, without giving further explanation.

“I personally felt that this was an unreasonable demand, as aside from being a ‘Talent’ on the show, I have other important commitments in my life back at home that need my constant attention.”

In his statement, the artist also confirmed that during his 30-day stay in Nigeria, The Knockouts round of The Voice Africa was yet to take place, nor any relevant activities or production related to The Knockouts was advertised by the production house, Fame Studios and its sponsor Airtel on their social media pages.

“As we were not getting any benefits while being idle in Nigeria for a long period of time, this situation naturally led to a loss of earnings,” stated the artist, adding that many other serious issues that came to light during his stay there, also prompted him to pull out of the competition.

Contacted, Airtel Seychelles, which was overseeing the local talents, said it was in contact with the headquarters in Africa and will issue a statement in due course.

The Voice Africa hit the airwaves in March this year after it was launched in October 2022. The television show, an initiative of Airtel Africa and Airtel Seychelles, featured eight local talents from Seychelles, who were competing against contestants from thirteen other countries.  After the ‘Blinds’ and ‘Battle’ stages, the show was moving on to the ‘knockout’ stage, before its ‘Lives’ and Grand Finale, where the winner would be rewarded with US $100,000 prize package and a recording contract with the worldwide leading music producer, Universal Studios.

It should be noted that the competition had a brief production hiatus and resumed in October with Airtel Seychelles stating that there were expected to be ten more episodes.


Patsy Canaya


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