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ISS celebrates ‘Spooktacular’ Halloween dress-up and crazy hair day |02 November 2023

ISS celebrates ‘Spooktacular’ Halloween dress-up and crazy hair day

It was a day of fun and creativity as students and staff at the International School Seychelles (ISS) celebrated Halloween with a dress-up and crazy hair day.


Spooky Ensembles:

From pint-sized pumpkins to mini-monsters, students came dressed in a wide array of Halloween costumes. Ghosts, witches, superheroes, and a variety of other spooky and whimsical characters filled the hallways. The creativity and effort put into these costumes were truly impressive, showcasing the students' enthusiasm for the holiday.


Crazy Hair Galore:

Crazy Hair Day took the festivities to another level, with students sporting wild and wacky hairstyles. It was a kaleidoscope of colors, patterns, and styles that added an extra layer of excitement to the day.


A Memorable Halloween:

Halloween dress-up and crazy hair day at ISS provided a wonderful opportunity for students to showcase their creativity, build a sense of community, and, most importantly, have fun while celebrating this ‘spooktacular’ holiday.

Parents and teachers worked together to ensure that this event was a huge success. The PTA's initiative to organise this Halloween dress-up and crazy hair day not only added a touch of magic to the school but also raised much-needed funds for various school projects and initiatives.

The school’s principal, Elodie Vallantine expressed their gratitude, stating, “Today was not just about having fun, but also about the strength of our school community. We are thankful to the PTA for its tireless efforts in making this day so special and for its invaluable contribution to our school's projects.”

The school wishes to express its gratitude to all who contributed to making this day unforgettable. It is moments like these that make the school experience truly special.


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