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Pre-Christmas vibe from local radio station |26 October 2023

Pre-Christmas vibe from local radio station

(Foreground) DMC Taj (left) and Dj Kasper and (background) Dj Telemaquino (credit- Alex Bibi, Keesisa)

K-Radio, Seychelles’ second private radio station, had an early Christmas planned for their listeners yesterday. There were no formal announcements besides a late facebook post and The Breakfast Show listeners were treated to a festive surprise from 7am when Christmas music started playing one after another. This carefully curated playlist went on until 3pm when the station went back to normal playlist.

And to add to the surprise, the ‘festivities’ continued at FABS CO where Daily Needs supermarket is located with a mini roadshow. Seypearl Strawberry also teamed up for the 4-hour show with hosts Cupid, DMC Taj and new addition to the team, Dj Telemaquino.

Aubrey Philo, head of progamming & scheduling, said that it was something the station always wanted to do and managed to pull it at the very last minute. He added that they got good responses from the listeners and the many social media posts that were shared.

“We are going to make this a yearly event. Yesterday was a dress rehearsal for a bigger project next October,” Philo said.

K-Radio started its operation on January 23, 2018 and is the only station to adopt the Top 40 format in the country. There has been no celebration for their 5th year anniversary, but fans will be treated to a few surprises over the next three months including a Full Vibes Concert, Tiesto’s Club Life and Arminn Van Buren’s A State of Trance to enhance weekend nights programming as well as the Johnnie Walker’s Big Top 30.


Patsy Canaya

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