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Donation of farm tools to secondary schools |24 October 2023

Donation of farm tools to secondary schools

All secondary schools in the country are now equipped with their own sets of farm tools.

This significant contribution from the Ministry of Agriculture, Climate Change and Environment was made last week as part of the Seychelles Food Week activities.

During the event at the Plaisance secondary school, the principal secretary for the agriculture department, Keven Nancy, emphasised the vital role of agriculture in the country and the nurturing of new farmers.

“Having young farmers in Seychelles, as in any other country, is essential for various reasons. Young farmers play a crucial role in ensuring a stable and reliable food supply for the nation. As older generations of farmers retire, it becomes imperative to have a new generation to step in and sustain the country's agricultural productivity. The best way to foster a passion for agriculture is through schools,” he stated.

PS Nancy emphasised that having a school garden is the starting point for this journey. He added that “we should not view agriculture as an inferior profession, as success in this field requires skilled scientists as well. There are numerous opportunities in this domain, and we are advancing in this sector. Young farmers are often more receptive to adopting new technologies and modern farming practices. Their fresh perspectives and willingness to innovate can lead to increased productivity and sustainability in the agricultural sector”.

PS Nancy also shared that he hopes the tools donated to the schools will generate the love for agriculture among the youth and they will become more aware of environmental concerns and the importance of sustainable farming practices such as preservation of water as water is food. Youth are more likely to implement eco-friendly farming techniques, which can help protect Seychelles' natural resources.

During the ceremony, the head teacher of Plaisance secondary, Jenny Kilindo, also extended her gratitude to the agriculture department for their generous donation. She noted that “these tools and seeds will greatly benefit the school and represent a commitment to sustainability. They will empower students with practical skills, enabling them to learn and become self-sufficient. These resources will facilitate hands-on learning and experiences, as well as foster discipline among the students”.

Head teacher Kilindo shared that once their garden is blooming they will invite the agriculture department to celebrate.

The event was attended by representatives from various secondary schools, and guests were able to enjoy musical performances. The school also showcased an exhibition featuring the different stages of gardening and the equipment used in agriculture.


Text and photos: Vidya Gappy

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